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Column: Abortion has dropped to record lows — so who gets the credit? Interesting that Gosnell would be found innocent today in some states

Harbaugh cannot beat anyone if they are good.

Teens may be more likely to open up if parents ask what’s going on in school and among their friends via @WSJ 

Last hot tea on the deck for the season. Old school mug

Wisconsin joins top 10; Michigan falls to No. 20 How is Michigan even in the top 25 after the way they have played this year? If the kicker from Army hits a straight kick they have lost their last two


If there is one takeaway from this whole thing, it’s that centrally planned markets fail, and fail spectacularly

Illinois State Representative Jeanne M. Ives: Thank You and Farewell. Her facts are correct. Illinois a dying state. Chicago a dying city

I love how Geneva School Dist 304 going on strike. Sold my home there in 2003 for 800k; taxes 13k. It sold two years ago for less than $600k, taxes $22k

Could you imagine how disarming it would be if the Democrats didn’t try to politicize everything into bloodsport?

@HillaryClinton name 1 gun control law that stops terrorists from killing Americans

Which version is true? MUST READ: Covington Catholic Student Begs Local TV News to Tell the Truth About Native American Incident In DC via

The Supreme Court removes an obstacle to compensation for government takings of private property via @WSJ 

5.7% Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants I want to know how HRC can claim opposite