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Will the three martini lunch make a comeback after quarantine?

If you aren't from Chicago, you probably think softball is played with gloves and a 12" ball. Nope. 16" Clincher.

Inside every leftist is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

Be prepared for a bunch of Democratic operatives to come out and try to spook the market. Perpetual lockdown, 3 lockdown, rolling lockdown...

SHELTERING IN PLACE IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Shot: ‘One Warning:’ Read Lightfoot, Beck’s F…

Before I go back to Chicago, do I have to greet people with Heil Lightfoot or Heil Pritzker while I am wearing my mask?


"America does not need to see the tax return of a billionaire who became a public servant. America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants"

Illinois State Representative Jeanne M. Ives: Thank You and Farewell. Her facts are correct. Illinois a dying state. Chicago a dying city

If there is one takeaway from this whole thing, it’s that centrally planned markets fail, and fail spectacularly

I love how Geneva School Dist 304 going on strike. Sold my home there in 2003 for 800k; taxes 13k. It sold two years ago for less than $600k, taxes $22k

Could you imagine how disarming it would be if the Democrats didn’t try to politicize everything into bloodsport?

@HillaryClinton name 1 gun control law that stops terrorists from killing Americans