Disgusting racism by Starkey, shamefully endorsed by nodding dog @darrengrimes_  . 👇

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HIDIN’ BIDEN: Biden Campaign Tells Chris Wallace He’s ‘Not Available’ For Interviews at This Time

AG Asks Democrats ‘Since When is it Okay to Try and Burn Down a Courthouse?’

Some friendships defy space and time. Someday hopefully soon they will meet again. Miss you jaadu. #KoiMilGaya 

Check out the release date announcement for #BTS ' upcoming film.

Never too early to smoke a joint no cappuccino 🧢

To protect our election: Please put in a call (1-844-230-5065) to tell your U.S. senators to pass the $25 billion in emergency Postal Service funding which has already been passed by the House in the current COVID relief bill.

What an epic comeback qualifying by Hulkenberg. P3! WOW. He has proven once again how much he belongs to be in F1

Nick Cannon has revealed he'll be voting for Kanye West for President

Need something to smile about? Please direct your attention to this legendary photo of Stan and @RealGrumpyCat . #InternationalCatDay  #StanLee 

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