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Abnormally #highbloodsugar  linked with higher risk of death in COVID-19 #patients  not previously diagnosed with diabetes

WHO urges aggressive virus measures as flare-ups spark new closures

US records 63,643 new virus cases in 24 hours

#Coronavirus deaths take a long-expected turn for the worse

US posts new daily virus case record of 66,528

#Dengue prevention efforts stifled by coronavirus pandemic


Studying the crown of the #virus  behind COVID-19 to find its weak point @DiamondLightSou 

Tracking the flow of thoughts using ultrafast ultrasound @ESPCI_Paris  @NatureComms 

Nurses have an increased risk of sleep #disorders  and sleep deprivation @aasmorg 

Survey reveals low levels of awareness in #men  about #prostate  health and function @Uroweb 

Increase in physical activity after breast #cancer  #diagnosis  may lower risk of death @biomedcentral 

New "blueprint" of exhausted T cell lifespan could help build better immunotherapies @PennMedicine  @ImmunityCP  @nature 

Study identifies new potential treatment option for triple negative #breastcancer  @mayoclinic  @jclinicalinvest