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Multiple stellar populations detected in the cluster Hodge 6
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Implementing a practical quantum secure direct communication system @physreva
Physicists pinpoint a simple mechanism that makes #bacteria resistant to #antibiotics @mcmastereng
Energetic particles can bombard exoplanets @AAS_Publishing
Indigenous hunters have positive impacts on #foodwebs in desert Australia @penn_state
Diagnosing 'art acne' in #GeorgiaO'Keeffe's paintings @northwesternu
First evidence discovered of a gigantic remnant around an exploding star @sdsu_newsteam @nature

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Tesla, Australia to turn 50,000 homes into #power generators
Study reveals that #climatechange could dramatically alter fragile #mountain habitats @AdmissionsUoM
Solar-powered #plane completes journey across Pacific Ocean
Astronomers discover first direct evidence of #whitedwarfstars solidifying into crystals @warwickuni @nature
#Bacteria found in ancient Irish soil halts growth of superbugs—new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance @SwanseaUni
Two sportscar-sized satellites in orbit to measure Earth's water
Scientists find way to make mineral which can remove CO2 from atmosphere
A timescale for the origin and evolution of all of #life on #Earth @NatureEcoEvo
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