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Sondland, while not directly confirming the details of his 7/26 call with Trump, says he has no reason to doubt the account from Holmes, and would have been surprised had Trump not mentioned the investigations.

It doesn't clear Trump ( Ds can still argue that pressure was applied separately). But if there were a broad pressure campaign, you'd think Pence wld mention investigations at 9/1 meeting when asked by Zelensky abt aid rather than reassuring him.

Sondland's testimony today is already the most damaging, by far, of any that preceded it.

@chrislhayes  only wiggle room really is his point that he never got an explanation on security assistance delay, and came to assume it was tied to investigations. Though he was more emphatic on the WH visit quid pro quo.

Sondland -- "I don't know how you can describe it as an irregular channel" when it included POTUS, Sec of State, Chief of Staff -- ie all the top leaders.


Obama dedicated 13 months to passing Obamacare. Trump has been working on it for few weeks & WH is touting how he left everything on field

The threat of climate change is so urgent that we can't solve it unless we commit to giving everybody free healthcare, free college, affordable housing, healthy food, well-paying jobs, and provide economic security to those unwilling to work.

New post: Robert Mueller said he was "not familiar" with Fusion GPS. How is that possible?

New post: "Elizabeth Warren's plan to cancel student loan debt would be a slap in the face to all those who struggled to pay off their loans"

Next week's debate: Rs: "The FBI investigated this and found nothing." Dems: "Everybody knows the FBI doesn't reach conclusions!"

Trump on Kim Jong Un just now on Fox: "He speaks and his people stand up in attention. I want my people to do the same. "

Wow, just read the part where the employer mandate comes back in 2025. This is such a joke bill.