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"LGBTQ employees at Philadelphia’s Federal Reserve Bank are gaining a higher profile because of a professional environment that welcomes diversity..." Read more about our efforts to foster an inclusive workplace in the !

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Biden brought his flashcards into his meeting with Putin.

The ability of the PM to tell blatant untruths about consequences of his Brexit deal on NI is jaw-dropping He agreed a border down the Irish Sea & he needs to own it #PMQs 

Sick 'fake-attack' on Covaxin. Watch this & more on #5iveLive  with @ShivAroor , today at 5 PM, only on India Today TV

"She was passionate about creating a fairer, more just world" Labour leader Keir Starmer pays tribute to his friend Jo Cox on the fifth anniversary of the MP's death #PMQs 

“In the Tories' desperation to get a post-brexit trade deal... they’ve given the farm away” SNP’s Ian Blackford says Australian farmers will benefit most from deal PM says he's "out of his mind" if he wants to go back to being "controlled" by EU #PMQs 

US press asked Biden if he trusted Putin and @PresElectBiden  nodded yes. Reporters again asked Putin why do you fear Navalny, and what’d you if Ukraine joined NATO. No Putin ans @JonLemireer . via (1/2 of US traveling pool didn’t get access due to Russia press and security shoving us)

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Wild stuff from the pool reports at the Biden-Putin summit: “Russian security yelled at journalists to get out and began pushing journalists. Journalists and White House officials screamed back that the Russian security should stop touching us.” (h/t @anitakumar01 )

Labour's Keir Starmer says UK's travel traffic light system "doesn't work" and "won't stop other variants coming in" "He doesn't even know what the Delta variant is," replies the PM, "we have the toughest border measures anywhere in the world" #PMQs 

Bharat Biotech debunks 'fake news' on Covaxin, says calf serum not used for final vaccine formulation. @pretasorter  gets us more on this. #ITVideo