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This might be a topic for reporters at #Trump  #coronavirus  briefing:

100,000 to 200,000 deaths from #Coronavirus  would be "a lot of people, a lot of people." according to #Trump .

Trump keeps referring to "people" who said, "we should do nothing" about #CoronavirusOutbreak . Who ever suggested inaction?

After downplaying #Coronavirus  for days in February, Trump now says if he had done nothing, there would be death "all over" including victims dying "on airplanes" and "in hotel lobbies."

"You can use a scarf. Scarf would be very good...rather than going out and getting a mask:" #Trump  #coronavirus  advice.

@nytimes  reports on "Trump’s history of sexist attacks:"

The reviews are in. Trump assessed the impact of the daily #coronavirus  brief-a-thons: "I'm sure people are enjoying it...incredibly interesting." Americans, he said are "going crazy. They can't get enough."

Report: #IvankaTrump  #Chinese  trademarks on products from baby blankets to coffins raise corruption concerns.


"The freedom of the press is under assault" following what happened yesterday at the White House with revocation of pass. --

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." —Edward R. Murrow, born #OTD  1908.

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@PaulaReidCBS  is a friend of the people. Trump just accused her of "writing fake news" after she properly and accurately questioned him about the Easter business opening timetable rejected by top medical experts. Other reporters should keep repeating that line of questioning.

800,000 federal workers go unpaid as the commander in tweet plugs his new slogan: “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!" Why not: "FORGET THE WALL. RESUME PAY FOR ALL."

. reports former campaign ch #Trumpef  Manafort is not cooperating with investigati #Muellern  "because he is banking on a presidential pardon to spare him any jail time."

Trump administration cuts short teen pregnancy prevention program funding.

For the record, @PeterAlexander is a top notch, objective and caring reporter. #Trump 's attacks on Peter are unseemly and, more than anything unpresidential, especially at this critical time for the country.

@gtconway3d  & @neal_katyal  opine: #Trump  invites #impeachment  by providing, "direct evidence of his contempt toward the most foundational precept of our democracy — that no person, not even the president, is above the law."