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Latest Scoops

Powerful piece by my colleague @RusslynnAli on how Charles Eliot's vision for education reform, laid out in The Atlantic 150 years ago, needs to be updated for today’s challenges.
"Whereas politicians on the right have all too often given up the battle of ideas and retreated towards chauvinism and nostalgia, the left has focused on inequality, the environment, and how to vest power in citizens rather than elites." Via @mikeallen
Took in two gorgeous films this weekend at @FilmLinc -- "Shoplifters" last night, "Cold War" today. Here's a terrific @RachelDonadio piece on "Cold War"
“Shoplifters” is a marvelous film, and @davidlsims gets it right as per usual.
"Kamala Harris’s Blackness Isn’t Up for Debate," by @jemelehill in The Atlantic
What a beautiful, heart-rending piece. Have tissues nearby before reading.
Love this Bill Weld profile, by Sara Rimer, from 25 years ago.

The Most Relevant

Just took off from Newark, and there’s One World Trade Center standing tall above the clouds.
"It's a hallucination." Two minutes of David Remnick on how we're already normalizing the Trump presidency.
Video player
Things can get pretty existential on the NYC subway.
Trump's newest lawyer, John Dowd, sent this email to a WSJ reporter during the Raj Rajaratnam trial. ()
My 12-yr-old and his girlfriend broke up, but says they're still friends. "So what's changed?" we asked. "The emojis have changed," he said.
NYT hired lead reporter on this story 8 months ago. It's his 5th byline. Investigative journalism is time consuming, expensive. Pay for it!
Today's biggest stock-market winner? For-profit prison company Corrections Corporation of America, up some 35 percent. (via @Jeffrey_Cane)
“Unthinkable,” by The Atlantic. This is like a boxed set of his first two years. Topnotch writing here.
Letter in tomorrow's NYT Book Review from @okrent
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