PETA - #EndSpeciesis

A woman "hanging" from a meat hook next to pigs at #Columbus  #JazzAndRibFest  stopped this man in his tracks.

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The second-largest Ebola outbreak in history finally may be winding to a close #WorldHealthDay 

Bats, pangolins and viral Lego: curious clues of the new coronavirus

A true story, irrelevant to current events: When I was in high school I volunteered at a museum and once said I was "manning the front desk." A woman who worked there chastised me for using sexist language, and she was right as rain. Never say "manned"! Say "staffed" instead!

Researchers could one day use the method to deliver antibiotics to topical wounds infected by hard-to-treat masses of bacteria.

"It’s possible that this child from Drimolen is the earliest-known representative of the first global [hominid] species."

Review: "'Quantum Legacies' is skilfully written and a pleasure to read. But it feels like a missed opportunity."

The NIH is excluding more reviewers who have violated its policies on research integrity. A report from a watchdog praised the agency for taking such steps, but thinks it should be doing even more to protect its grantsmaking process.

Facial expressions in mice are detected and classified by machine learning, which provides an objective analysis tool that is essential to be able to understand the neurobiological mechanisms of emotions. Read more in this #SciMagPerspective : ($)

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Researchers uncover charred plant material from ancient hearth in South African cave.