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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

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Hermit crabs, iguanas, and other animals doled out as prizes often become victims of neglect or abuse.

Your voice is needed now! 📢 https://t.co/t3P6umJhzH
Absolutely heartbreaking 💔 NO mother should have to go through this just so people can eat cheese.
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ALL your fast food faves –– veganized! 🍔🍟 #WhatVegansEat https://t.co/95GWOsjUSd
We are trying to help these bears by calling on Shriners International to end the animal acts: https://t.co/W6EuozOZ0c
He's a hero for animals! ❤️ PETA is sending this cyclist a Compassionate Action Award for rescuing an injured dog named Columbo who had apparently been hit by a car. Look how he scooped the dog up & rode him to safety! A reminder that we can all step in to help animals in need.
We are calling on Shrine Circus to drop the animal acts. https://t.co/W6EuozOZ0c
So do we! She deserves it 👏👏👏
YES 🙌 @FREEBIRDS_WB teamed up with @BeyondMeat to offer #vegan meat burritos and we are here for it! 🌯 https://t.co/puZ0RaBogj
Love that! Thanks for making compassionate choices ❤
Eggs are the product of suffering and death on farms 😔 So why are you still eating them?
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