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Latest Scoops

The ridiculous excuses drivers give to justify why they use their mobile phones behind the wheel have been revealed. https://t.co/LuL6Lp5zr1
Pete Davidson still has hope for relationship with Ariana Grande. https://t.co/T2HJZc5chn
Psychotic killer Paul Edward Ward deported to native Britain. https://t.co/ZMYe9YbyVR
#TELETHON2018: Perth fundraiser cracks $300 million over 51 years with another $38m. https://t.co/QVrbKQQgwb
Family of Perth doctor Ken Elliott kidnapped by al-Qaida-linked militants plea for his release. https://t.co/rJiSPh9zHy
Tommy Sheridan reveals axing from the @freodockers on social media. https://t.co/lE8vvGP2RE
Perth Bell Tower gets new Anzac Bell in honour of our fallen Diggers. https://t.co/lh5yX4aJhJ
Forrestfield Airport Link: contaminated soil may blow out cost by $320 million. https://t.co/h4p07yMPkx
Driver filmed driving wrong way on Leach Highway. https://t.co/sW8WiKWTeW
.@Karl6pr: Zac Clarke can fill West Coast Eagles ruck void. https://t.co/Po5FsnUTk8
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