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Latest Scoops

Danish inventor Peter Madsen gets life for murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall https://t.co/Z7dApSWA8h
The Pentagon refuses to accept new aircraft as its makes problem report ‘Top Secret’ https://t.co/ufusDKYBHJ
Accused ‘dine and dash’ fraudster Lois Loder breaches bail conditions https://t.co/JiwY909K1J
Why are pictures of scantily-clad women allowed on @instagram but not a non-sexual image of my bum, writes @RealHeidi https://t.co/3YSMjyN3nx
There's been a huge development in the hunt for a serial killer who committed at least 12 homicides and 50 rapes throughout California https://t.co/8oMUWq2ZOm
Is Subiaco right to appeal Josh Deluca's three-match ban? https://t.co/UfmVZd5TQe
Perth Airport has been rated by Australia’s consumer watchdog as the country's best major airport https://t.co/6ZtZp3rB3D
A heartbroken horse owner has warned pet owners after her animal was shot in the head and killed https://t.co/WSw8j3fw5h
The Prime Minister will arrive in Perth today to announce a $189 million funding boost to compensate for WA's low GST share https://t.co/br6LCEWouv
US rapper Kendrick Lamar has announced an Australian tour, and it starts in Perth! https://t.co/AbfOnzffq3
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