Father Giacinto Gorga Laid / Rest Private Funeral

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Father Giacinto Gorga Laid / Rest Private Funeral

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Barnard castle trip is confirmed... what was denied yesterday by Johnson is actually true.

If. you. were. worried. about. whether. you. could. drive. safely. your. kid. wouldn't. have. been. in. the. fucking. car.

Oh what a load of f*cking bollocks.. he drove 30 miles to the castle to check his eyesight??! Shut up Cummings, we’re not mugs.

Often the best way to get the public onside is a quick description of your parents' sprawling estate

If you were ‘testing your eyesight’, why would you put your 4yr-old child in the car for an hour when by then it was OK for him to stay with family?

Dominic Cummings is late for his statement because there’s traffic on the A1.

If the cunt doesn't show himself soon, Cliff Richard will sing a fucking song.

NONE of this was in Cummings’ wife’s lengthy @spectator  account of what happened.

Cummings just admitted breaking THREE lockdown rules. None of us was allowed to do any of the things he did. Why is the media even still bothering to talk to him? This is completely ridiculous. 👇

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Why did he go back to work if his wife had COVID symptoms?????? #cummings