When someone asks what my ideal Sunday night looks like:

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Hope everyone's doing alright and staying safe. Sending loads of love

In the #GospelOfTheDay  (John11:1-45), Jesus tells us: "I am the resurrection and the life... have faith. Amid grief, continue to have faith, even when it seems that death has won. Let the Word of God restore life where there is death”.

Just some of our favourite best break up BOPS 😭 we've all been there... 💔💔💔

@haletively  Tried writing this week, finding it hard to get creative like that. Golf courses are closed now. Listening to old and new music, cooking and mainly working out a lot

REMEMBER: if you have a home big enough to socially distance inside, and running water to regularly wash your hands, then you’re very lucky. Much of the world does not.

#Repost @steveaokiFans  been blowing me up to post my convo w/ @agnezmo  She’s a real one! Can’t wait to officially release GIRL on April 3rd. #NeonFutureIV 

The best thing I've read so far about what's happening, from someone further up the road: