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Coach Sullivan on how he’ll make tough lineup decisions: “Performance is always the dictator. There is some development that goes on in this league, but we’re trying to win games. We’re trying to put the Penguins in the best position to win the Stanley Cup.”
Coach Sullivan on Sheahan: “It’s real encouraging. I thought he had a great practice today... Barring any setbacks, we’re going to try to get him in exhibition games.”
Sheahan: “I’m feeling better, so it’s just something I’ve got to stay on top of. I was feeling strong in practice, so we’ll just go from there.”
It's great to see you out there with your teammates, Riley Sheahan!
And then there were 27...

The Penguins have reduced their training camp roster to 15 forwards, nine defensemen and three goaltenders.

Details: https://t.co/Xz4WAiqD7V
This probably wasn't what Mom meant when she said, 'remember to floss'...

Today's Free Game for Kids was much more than a 18,000 person floss-fest. Read more: https://t.co/BvZHajzcaS
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Four preseason games down, two to go.

Takeaways from today's matchup: https://t.co/16xGmk4tao
Coach Sullivan on training camp: "We've had plenty of guys over the last few years that have played their way on to the roster with their body of work. That's a healthy competition with our guys."
Coach Sullivan playing Schultz with Johnson: "Jack is a steady defending defenseman. He's good with that first pass. Schultzy is a guy with good offensive instincts. They can potentially complement each other... We are trying different pairings to see what jumps out at us."
Coach Sullivan will be speaking to the media shortly. Tune in for the live stream here: https://t.co/NjQxyJBgLq
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