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It's a bold position: Internet companies cannot be held liable for making misrepresentations to Congress about its handling of third party content. It's an especially bold claim to make when Congress is interested in amending Section 230.

Last week, Facebook announced that it wouldn't give politicians (as much) special treatment. But here's why I'm not expecting much to change:

Should Facebook be liable if its algorithm discriminates? A lawsuit in CA is trying to get a judge to say yes. Facebook says no, it's not liable. As always, Section 230 is involved.

This lawsuit alleges that distributes ads for insurance that violate a CA civil rights law. The case raises fascinating questions about whether online platforms are beholden to the civil rights laws that govern brick and mortar businesses...

Facebook argues that Section 230 shields its algorithms from claims of discrimination. If this holds up in court, it will enshrine unequal treatment online, especially in targeted advertising, without recourse.

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I'm a day or so late to this, but we need some Congressional hearings to grill both FDA decision-makers and the drug manufacturer that decided to charge $56k for a drug that may not work.

Some personal news: I’m on maternity leave! Excited to have lots of time off with my baby (thanks to Mother Jones and our union). Also excited to see what leave+sleep deprivation+Netflix binging does to my tweeting. 👶🤷🏻‍♀️


Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, named for two confederate heroes, was the only monument to the Confederacy that Trump was eager to remove

"Multiple sources within the postal service told Motherboard they have personally witnessed the [mail sorting] machines, which cost millions of dollars, being destroyed or thrown in the dumpster. USPS did not respond to a request for comment."

The Biden campaign says it is putting their trust in the Cleveland Clinic to ensure Kamala Harris is not infected during the debate tonight. Given what happened last time, I'm not sure that faith is warranted.

Questions from Sen. Jacky Rosen show that DeJoy didn't do an analysis of the impact his USPS changes would have on veterans and seniors. And if any do exist, he won't commit to sharing it with Congress.

In 2018, Facebook tweaked its code so that pro-Trump news filled users' newsfeeds while progressive news outlets, and @MotherJones  in particular, were down-ranked. To appease conservatives, Zuckerberg decided to promote rightwing bs and minimize real news

Dems show video of a rioter with a bullhorn reading Trump's tweet attacking Mike Pence out loud to the mob. They were following him on Twitter and listening to his words.

DeJoy says he won't reinstate more than 600 mail sorting machines that have been removed under his watch. Here's a list of the removed machines. You can see what's happened in your area.