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its the little things that shape the world : Market and tech news that will shape the Future

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China wants to launch to Mars next year — part of an ambitious plan to bring the first Martian soil samples back to Earth https://t.co/hAd01UcvPm
Amazon Great Indian Festival slated for 20-23 January 2019 https://t.co/GqSKwJjn5g
Microsoft pledges $500M to build homes in Seattle https://t.co/AxBwDUAN7s
What The Future Of Work Means For Cities https://t.co/RZ2v0WjYSB
China is poised to overtake the United States as the world's top economy as early as next year. By 2020, a majority of the world population will be classified as middle class. Asia will lead the increase in middle-class populations even as middle classes… https://t.co/NLn7YvuIDU
SpinLaunch Developing Kinetic Energy Space Launch System, Starting Up In New Mexico https://t.co/GqjAj2nZXq
Measuring AI's ability to learn is difficult https://t.co/VqIXmbWMnw
New scale for electronegativity rewrites the chemistry textbook https://t.co/mJOTZ2oqBa
Demand and Salaries for Data Scientists Continue to Climb https://t.co/DFkun0oKmg
Ten robotics technologies of the year https://t.co/dKg38DQSui
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