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"Prospects for further substantial improvement in the labor market were seen as depending on a sustained reopening of the economy, which in turn depended in large part on the efficacy of health measures taken to limit the effects of the coronavirus."

"A number of participants judged that there was a substantial likelihood of additional waves of outbreaks, which, in some scenarios, could result in further economic disruptions and possibly a protracted period of reduced economic activity."

"Among the other sources of risk noted--that fiscal support for households, businesses, and state and local governments might prove to be insufficient and that foreign economies could come under greater pressure than anticipated as a result of the spread of the pandemic abroad."

"As part of their discussions of longer-run risks, participants noted that in some adverse scenarios, more business closures would occur, and workers would experience longer spells of unemployment that could lead to a loss of skills that could impair their employment prospects.

"In addition, to the extent that transmission-mitigation procedures adopted by firms reduced their productivity, or if the reallocation of industry output resulted in a lasting reduction in business investment, the longer-run level of potential output could be reduced."

100% this. It's totally fucked and I'm deeply aware of and thankful for my privilege.

If they're so desperate to dump goods, there are plenty of people in need.


What if Donald Trump shut down the U.S. government because he’s working on behalf of a foreign one?

Dear troops: You do not have to follow illegal orders. History will remember your actions.

"By 2013, 79 of Obama’s nominees had been blocked by filibusters, compared with 68 in the entire history of the US."

“No one took the memo separating children from their parents away from Trump’s desk.” - @chrislhayes 

Kudlow totally unravels on @CNN  after Jake Tapper shows clip of him saying the virus was contained.

Retweet this if you still have no idea how to get tested for the #coronavirus .