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@jeffrey_ventre  Joe is toast. I know six year olds with better speech patterns. Certainly more coherent. Another DNC smash down on the horizon.

@jeffrey_ventre  @NPRI  could be wrong, but i believe that Jay Rockefeller’s wife is currently the head of NPR and the Koch brothers (brother now) are biggest funders. Their coverage of Venezuela is bizarrwly right wing. Don’t tie the economic issues in any way to US sanctions. Grrrr..

It is remarkable what peeps don’t even notice any more. Yeah, science and math and shit like dat. What?

@jeffrey_ventre  Just announced another 1.5 trillion. Stripping the brass off of the Titanic as it sinks. With all them steerage class passengers still caged below decks.

@jeffrey_ventre  @duncan_gi  @LobergErics  @KimberlyVentreR  @FsuGoodye  @Sam10kmarkable.  Sure could use a leader like Bernie in the Oval Office right about now.

Attention all 9 Mile Ranch Cadre personnel! Dig it! Earthships: self-sustaining homes for a post-apocalyptic land? via @YouTube 

Attention all Rock City residents! Bad ass off grid triler. Lotsa cool ideas! Is this the best ever made??? Off Grid Trailers made in CANADA : SEMA 2019 via @YouTube 

Feeling the Bern all the way over in the Kingdom!