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Host of Steam Punks on the ABC. Co-host of the 28 Plays Later podcast. Sony brand ambassador. Unicorn enthusiast. Unicron enthusiast.

Latest Scoops

Some absolute dish wearing THE LEAST SUBTLE CHRISTMAS JUMPER EVER on @abcnews 🙌🏽
Woke up to find Loose Units: The Podcast as the second most popular podcast in Australia. Utterly speechless. Thanks so much for all the love, everyone!
Loose Units: The Podcast has barely been out 24 hours and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! If you heard about the show over on and 's superb , welcome! This season of Loose Units is going to be BONKERS. #looseunits
HUGE news, everyone! We've just launched Loose Units: The Podcast! Every week, my ex-cop dad and I will delve through true crime cases too strange, short or messy to have fit in Loose Units, the book. Episode one is up right now! https://t.co/C6ZeV6pHZg
Why are the vastly vanilla Richter boys playable but not my sweet prince Alucard #smash
Katamari Damacy is on Switch, and honestly, it's a re-release but it's such a good game I want to sneak it into my GOTY list. Jesus christ, what a delight.
I’ve designed a new emoji, your move, @twitter
If you love singers guest starring on other musicians tracks do you have a feat. fetish
🎵I know why you wanna hate me🎵
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I don’t know how I feel about this new Hitman game
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