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..."black and funny tinged" denotes classic otherisation of the oppressed - heard it many times on the doorstep from racists. To hear it from a Labour MP is offensive. Thankfully she's not one anymore.
Well done Boris + Theresa ... that "fuck business" Brexit strategy is really working...
10/ We'll be discussing all this, hopefully, at the @NewStatesman event on Brexit, Wednesday night ....
9/ The main task is for the PLP to stick together; defeat May's deal (again), fight to get their own Brexit in the commons and, if that fails - as our conference instructed - campaign for a second referendum.
8/ Once the dust has settled, I think Corbyn should reward some of the people on the centre of Labour who've been loyal and played a blinder in the Commons via a reshuffled Shadow Cabinet.
7/ Labour's left trajectory was always going to lose the core Blairites + neocons at some point - but the changing nature of the threats to democracy and social justice mean we will still make alliances with them vs the alt-right/xenophobes...
6/ The important thing for Labour members to avoid is the provocations this group will now trail through social media & the press; it's all designed to make you angry and lose your cool....
5/ But this is a damp squib. There is no cohesive project for Macron-lite neoliberalism in the UK, and this group lacks talent or charisma. The strategic issues are outlined here:
4/ As I've repeatedly warned: the enhanced rule of law and oversight of the deep state makes the kind of action taken vs Ramsay Macdonald and Harold Wilson hard to do: the very British coup has to prevent a left Labour govt. In power it's too late...

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So let's get this right: May offers talks. Corbyn says remove No Deal threat, then we talk. Within an hour, Hammond rings 330 businesspeople and promises to remove No Deal threat because May faces revolt in Cabinet. But Corbyn is the "wrecker". Tories lie thru their teeth.
Here's the Corbyn speech that Sky ran in full and which BBC TV news is suppressing
Wow how did Britain keep Nissan so onside during the 2016 Brexit clusterfuck? £80m of covert state aid - how's that free market ideology doin' for ya? @Conservatives - while starving people are forced to beg for work?
BBC’s Jon Sopel reporting May pushed for early strike “to avoid having to get parliamentary consent”. That’s the democracy you now live in.
Marr: Nurses are going to food banks
Theresa Weird: "There are many complex reasons for people going to food banks"
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Withdraw Labour whip from Mann, Stringer, Hoey and Field and debar them from future selections. Please RT, pass resolutions and make it happen.
European Commission needs to bring Article 7 proceedings vs Madrid now. Spain now makes Joe Arpaio’s Arizona look liberal...
You've had it from the horse's mouth: May's deal is worse than staying in the EU. Here's how we can force a rethink... please RT and email your MP today....
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Postal votes missing in 2x critical marginals. Student votes wiped out. Council responsible is Tory-UKIP.
Hammond's multi-million£ company paid less tax in five years than the average qualified nurse pays in one year. Surely an accounting oversight?
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