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television writer/producer, book author & reviewer, Beatles fan, yogi, photographer & struggling guitarist. Come together....

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I’m no Tom Brady fan but he did take less money to be on the team he wants to be on. Wish guys like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper would learn that lesson. It’s a long season in San Diego; the action is in the east baby!
New York City’s progressive elites gambled and lost over Amazon
The Kings of the Dollar Slice Build a Better Pizza via @NYTimes
Padres will be looking to unload Manny in 4 years or less
Well i guess we’ll never hear from Manny Machado again. The Padres?? Hope he likes sunshine and money bc that’s about it....
. @JFKairport the dumbest thing about air travel is when u land and there is no one to open the door on the jet way even tho landing time is well known how about it @AmericanAir
For Valentine’s Day, Try Being Nice to Yourself via @NYTimes
Watching Westminster Dog Show and remembering ‘best in show’ film....’hey at least buy me a drink’

The Most Relevant

oh boy. I guess stories should be checked out before endless speculation occurs on cable TV, another reason I never watch any of it. RT The crying Honduran girl on the cover of Time was not separated from her mother, father says
It's inconceivable that a guy like Steve Bannon would give an interview 'by accident'
There’s a #hipster nativity set complete with segways, man buns and lattes because 2016 refuses to chill #Brooklyn
As anyone who knows me knows, I’ve been railing vs. the racist policies on NJ and CT beaches for ages. We all know the real reason they require a ‘town pass’
There is something funny about seeing things thrown off the roof #ThanksDave
The Murder of Two Teenage Girls Is Haunting a Small Indiana Town
Sometimes, the good gals win! And the right person gets the right job! Congrats to my friend and boss @szirinsky on being named CBS News president....#48Hours viewers know her from all her Saturday night tweets and now she’ll be running the network. Wow!
#TheAffair last night was spectacular.... Writing, acting, cinematography. Blow away great!!! Ruth Wilson highlight reel...
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