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I'm still getting some people responding to today's column by saying "Show me some evidence that government can ever do anything positive" 1/

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SpaceX foundry casting Raptor engine manifold out of Inconel
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My initial assessment is that what Pres. Trump announced is legal. Whether or not it should be legal is a different matter. Congress has been ceding far too much power to the exec. branch for decades. We should use this moment as an opportunity to start taking that power back.
Whatever your politics, every American should worry about a President inventing a fake emergency to bypass Congress. This is a dangerous precedent and blatant attack on our democracy and rule of law. #FakeTrumpEmergency
JUST IN: House Judiciary Cmte. Democrats announce "immediate investigation" into President Trump's national emergency declaration.
Trump has arrived at the golf course in Florida, per pool, on the first full day of the national emergency.
Electricity accounts for just 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. We need breakthroughs in five key areas to prevent the worst climate-change scenarios:
Toby Young being absolutely destroyed by a schoolkid is why I come back to this website
Excerpts from presidential proclamation declaring National Emergency signed today By Pres Trump:
At the Umuda Isingwu village Community Primary School polling station contemplating the last minute postponement of Nigeria's presidential and legislative elections, children have taken back their primary school for early morning soccer.
WATCH: Video sent to me of Venezuelan military PREVENTING people from accessing food and medicine near Cucuta, Colombia. #Maduro refusing the let supplies into the country... #SOSVenezuela
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