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Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” “The Age of Diminished Expectations” + more.

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OK, I know economese isn't very good English -- but the algorithm seems to think it's Estonian?
The great thing about tax cuts is that they provide an incentive for more productive activities -- like, uh, spending lots of time and money trying to find and exploit loopholes in a badly conceived law https://t.co/uxFtcTwKIN
Yes. These policies aim to dissuade people from getting the coverage they're entitled to, and a lot of people will end up financially ruined -- or dead https://t.co/LU2XE9e5h4
Everyone who works for Trump ends up destroying their credibility https://t.co/MqN6omAwB0
What this pathetic list really shows is that anti-Trump "fake news" is like farms broken up by the estate tax: they're sure it happens, but can't find any real examples.
I get a "fake news award" for a bad market call, retracted 3 days later, from 2000-lie man, who still won't admit he lost the popular vote. Sad! https://t.co/1nTalrRxxm
A brief clip of me at Voxeu talking about talking about economics https://t.co/jGhtAWmfyq
A few years ago Joe Gagnon saw this Roman bust in a Turkish museuhttps://t.co/Iuz91AJpejm Not a famous art work, but still ...
So I tried this and the results -- my art doppelgängers -- aren't bad. But I can top them easily https://t.co/fOazt3vRrZ
Yes -- extending CHIP would actually save money, so the only reason not to is to hold children hostage for political gain https://t.co/uiWUzHOSLZ
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