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A writeup of remarks at the IMF's globalization conference last fall https://t.co/2E9715WivP
I had no idea about Bator's White House role. I knew him though his awesomely clarifying paper "The simple analytics of welfare maximization," still the gold standard for understanding what markets can and cannot do https://t.co/Utr0HbP94R
Also fits very well with this Politico piece on Trump's tastes: "Dictators’ homes ... are an architectural and artistic means of establishing the power of the occupants, of intimidating and impressing any visitor.https://t.co/bQmiCs5Zva "
This book, recommended by @dandrezner, looks very good. He notes that Trump now wants a military parade and a space force, which fits in perfectly https://t.co/82IMKzdAtN
@dandrezner recommends this book, which sounds very good, and notes "The president of the United States, who got his start developing gaudy real estate investments, now wants a space force and a military parade.." https://t.co/82IMKzdAtN
Not an after-the-fact judgment either: https://t.co/PoepTontYJ
Yes, 1000% yes. It was utterly shameful -- especially because it was driven not by ideology but by sheer pettiness with a significant infusion of misogyny -- and may have killed the republic.https://t.co/2DvgsKNI5i
Worth reading. Europe is experiencing much the same kind of backlash against basic institutions, especially among less educated men, that we saw in the US. The euro has been a major contributor to the problem https://t.co/Nv8apHkc42
OK, correspondents tell me that at this point there is a significant flow of opioids across the border. So I stand corrected. Still true that Trump's vision is all wrong.
Serious question: everything suggests that Putin has something on Trump which is bad enough that Trump is too scared to voice even a hint of criticism. But what could he possibly have that is worse than what we already know?
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