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I don't know if we'll ever reach that sort of tipping point with Trump. But even if we do, remember: they've known all along, but were willing to sell out America as long as it was convenient 4/
Think of the Steve King story as a dress rehearsal. Everyone knew what he was, and has for years. Somehow, though, we reached a tipping point where GOP leaders felt they had to say "We're shocked, shocked to find open racism going on in our party!" 3/
The question instead is when and whether the evidence will become so dramatic, so blatant, that Trump's defenders won't feel able to keep pretending they don't know. That is, it's not really about what we learn but about how it plays 2/
A thought about where we are as a nation: We're living in the age of the unsurprising revelation. Is there anyone who doesn't already believe that Trump-Putin-treason is a real thing? Even Trump loyalists surely know it's true, they just think it's an OK price for the racism 1/
You can keep your MMT -- I want RMT (Rastafarian monetary theory) https://t.co/nimcm0paeh
The luftmensch left -- people who are more interested in pursuing their little feuds than with actually saving democracy -- are usually a minor irritant, but can sometimes do real damage https://t.co/u3gKL7YIPx
Hello? Health care? In CA, 4 million people have gained insurance thanks to a progressive president and progressive state governance. If you think that didn't matter, you have no idea how people live (and die) 2/
I'm still getting some people responding to today's column by saying "Show me some evidence that government can ever do anything positive" 1/ https://t.co/8AYGuxF3zl
So one benefit of last year's wave election, beyond putting a check on Agent Orange, is that it has broken the center-right monopoly on what passes for serious policy 4/
But somehow conventional wisdom treated *tax cuts* for the rich plus deeply unpopular and poorly thought-out cuts in Social Security as the only sound policy -- as illustrated by the Simpson-Bowles plan 3https://t.co/4FJfnbIoby/
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