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Exactly. If Kavanaugh were now saying "Yes, I drank and partied hard, but I didn't do that" it would be different. But he's claiming to have been a strait-laced, sober young man -- which we know he wasn't. Credibility gone https://t.co/1uDQwlqP7Q
This. His extremism on economic issues hasn't gotten the attention it deserves https://t.co/CbsBkDg8fA
A similar take from @crampell , who asks what the GOP even stands for now. But what it stands for is, and always has, is white elite privilege. What's it's losing is plausible cover 2/ https://t.co/duO3x5lm5Y
I wrote about how the GOP is trying to hide from its own policies 1/ https://t.co/lwqDtCRKFL
Remember when politics was about policies? The GOP hopes you don't https://t.co/lwqDtCRKFL
Worth remembering that Kavanaugh is a hard-line, radical right-winger who would surely bring down Roe v Wade, hammer workers' rights, and undermine government regulation. We were supposed to ignore all this and focus on how fine a man he is.
Also, race as central motivator of Republican voters has been rising for decades https://t.co/zcAXaCsWrN
The point here is that in this area, as in so many others, we got to this nightmare point in US history in part because of the craziness of the right, but also in part because of the careerism and de facto soft corruption of much of the center 6/
What seems to explain the difference is incentives. Judges are political appointees; so a lawyer may find himself or herself facing a Federalist Society judge, creating an incentive to treat these people respectfully. Nothing comparable in econ 5/
But there's been nothing like the way law professors rushed to endorse Kavanaugh -- who got his career start pursuing conspiracy theories -- or the high reputation of Whelan, who seems to have been a crank all along 4/
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