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But can you really revitalize the locations themselves? Maybe here and there, if you're lucky. But the economic logic is pushing us toward big concentrations 6/
That's not going to happen -- and even if it did in Fresno, that would just add another superstar metro, and do nothing for all the other left-behinds.

The point is that you can do a lot for the people in such locations -- give them health insurance, subsidize their wages 5/
What companies want is a big critical mass of high-education workers. And that won't materialize unless lots of other companies also move to Fresno, generating both that critical mass and the amenities such workers demand. So it would take a huge Big Push 4/
So what would it take to induce high-tech companies to relocate to Fresno? Even quite large subsidies probably wouldn't do it. After all, they're still concentrating in Silicon Valley despite huge increases in real housing costs relative to other areas 3/
Maybe it will help to focus on a specific comparison. The San Francisco-San Jose complex -- the Bay Area -- is among the best-educated metros in America. Fresno, about 2 1/2 hours away, is among the least-educated 2https://t.co/glLx3wTrDK/
One thing I've been noticing about responses to today's column is that many people still don't get how strong the forces behind regional divergence are, and how hard to reverse 1/ https://t.co/Ft2aH1NcQt
Voting for a nice guy aligned with a party whose ideology you disagree with -- or voting against a sleazy guy whose party stands for what you want -- is basically foolish in America 2018. Good on voters for realizing that 3/
And you know what? That was the intelligent thing to do. In today's political environment, party affiliation is just about all that matters. Even moderate-sounding Rs vote the party line almost all the time; Ds increasingly do the same, if only because Rs are so extreme 2/
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