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Republicans say that anti-poverty programs discourage work. The evidence doesn't seem to agree https://t.co/WJbti5Bjcb
Corruption aside, Trump is obviously a miserable person who spends money to impress people, not for enjoyment. So politics aside, I'd consider his ownership or endorsement of a product a reason *not* to buy it https://t.co/eJU8mQRzT4
Why, it's almost as if the goal is always to punish the poor, and any facts can be turned into a justification for that goal 3/
This is in contrast to the report a few years ago from Paul Ryan, who declared that the war on poverty has been a failure, and we should therefore slash aid to the poor 2https://t.co/dfZ1SLHZu2/
So the Trump administration says that the war on poverty has been a success, and we should therefore slash aid to the poor 1/ https://t.co/sToTJONdoL
Meanwhile, in the background I hear the music of modern Manhattan: car alarms going off.
From a few years back, but my favorite from this band https://t.co/isL6YsuqbN
But what empowers him now is the utter moral collapse of the GOP. At this point Republicans in Congress know full well that they're rewarding foreign intervention, and abasing themselves before a man who is violating his oath of office. And they don't care.
Yes! The New York office of the FBI, along with Putin and media malpractice, put this guy in office https://t.co/aIJRXvjTtw
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