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Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.

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I want #NathanPhillips to be the only name that's remembered from today's ugliness. Nathan Phillips. Not the horde of bland, frightened, forgettable kids who'll grow up to be bland, frightened, forgotten adult wastes. Nathan. Phillips.https://t.co/yqSTP0vJHN
It’s good that Ann Coulter is crying over Trump’s DACA compromise but those tears will eat right through the hull of the Nostromo if we’re not careful
“this terrible website” lol
“I liked intimidating elderly Native Americans. I STILL like intimidating elderly Native Americans.” — this kid, at his confirmation hearing, before being appointed to the Supreme Court.
His name is #NathanPhillips of the Omaha Nation.
Hi, @supmikeclines of @CovCathColonels. Great work you guys are doing. Shaping young minds. Take a bow.
THIS leering, privileged little shit.
What an eerie, hateful psycho-smile on the little shit near the end. Pure anti-joy, anti-life. #MAGA
the fuck am I awake for?
So, that @BuzzFeed article is accurate then? #ImpeachTrump
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