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Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.

Latest Scoops

The Eagles now have the top-selling album in US history.

Reading the Trivia section of Burgess Meredith’s IMDb page & while I think Spencer Tracy was a brilliant actor it’s not clear he understood how a TV series worked — or was just way ahead of his time.
So @MeredthSalenger got all Natty Gann’d tonight and I didn’t think she could take my breath away more than she already does but here we are.
This brilliant/stupid thread between @jimatdel and @DPasquesi is reason 3,007 to watch the amazing @Lodge49.
Sshop ssmart, sshop:
Your mom agrees with you.
I am working with @AllenRueckert, who is @JamesUrbaniak’s PERFECT DOPPLEGANGER.
Trump: Well, you’re fired. Anything you need before you’re escorted out of the White House?
Loyal aide: 30 seconds of room tone.
Got to spend yesterday wandering downtown L.A. with the always-fun @MeredthSalenger. Highly recommended — the city and the person. https://t.co/rXt4GtLDbZ
I got you sweetie. Baking soda and Advil (and vanilla Oreos) are close at hand!
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