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Kicking and picking around Ecuador.
Photo: Bernd Zeugswetter
At age 72, it dawned on him that, rather than continue to tell the story of the failed climb, he would connect with his daughter by actually climbing Beacon Rock, and doing it this time as a real climber. https://t.co/C0cItaFoRN
On June 20, we are hand-delivering your signatures in London to a key financial player, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to stop the onslaught of devastating hydropower dams in the Balkans. Sign the petition now #savetheblueheart #thedamtruth.
“However, while we celebrate this victory, we will continue to defend the bridge, as we know there is still a long way to go in protecting our river and community from dam investors.”
“We are happy that the court has decided to annul the environmental permit. The international attention has definitely increased the pressure and contributed to this decision,” says Tahira Mika Tibold, a leader of the local community.
#savetheblueheart — Today we are celebrating a big win on the Kruščica River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where dam building progress has been halted.
#LetOurPeopleGoVote: https://t.co/S7qEuntU9u

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On Election Day 2016, we closed our doors and paid our employees for the day to go vote. This year, we're doing it again.
Join us: https://t.co/S7qEuntU9u
Antarctica Is Melting More Than Twice as Fast as in 2012. https://t.co/vMktPHCzFH
Our new Women’s Trail Running Collection is prepared to join you on any trail.
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