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“Many of the most famous YouTube celebrities are very, very white. White and light faces are the safest gamble, the money decided, better yet if they can fashion a creole persona—black aesthetics on a visage that’s anything but.”

“It’s very important to me that my work be African American; if it assimilates into a different or larger pool, so much the better. But I shouldn’t be asked to do that. Joyce is not asked to do that. Tolstoy is not.” —Toni Morrison

“Things get passed around so easily on the Internet. Fact becomes fiction and fiction becomes fact.” —Hilary Mantel

“Of all the human-animal combinations possible, a tiger inhabiting a human’s body seemed the most dangerous.”

“Obscenity is a cleansing process, whereas pornography only adds to the murk.” —Henry Miller

“From tiny experiences we build cathedrals.” —Orhan Pamuk

“Proof of their babyhood. Proof of the mouths they left behind. Those baby mouths that spoke words thickly accented by the land they came from.”

“Like most writers, I think far too much about myself anyway, and in my heart of hearts don’t think I am worth talking about in this way.” —Jan Morris

“Henry James is the maestro of the semicolon.” —Truman Capote

The best way to keep warm this week? Nestle into our archive with three free pieces: an interview, a short story, and a poem.


“I saw that women don’t have to write about what men write about, or write what men think they want to read. I saw that women have whole areas of experience men don’t have—and that they’re worth writing and reading about.” —Ursula K. Le Guin

"It is not 'this is what I believe,' because that would not be a book, just a tract. A book is 'this may be what I believe, but suppose I am wrong...what could it be?'" R.I.P., Toni Morrison, 1931 - 2019. Read her complete 1993 Art of Fiction interview:

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“There are worse things than not receiving love. There are sadder stories than this. There are species going extinct, and a planet warming. I told myself: who are you to complain, you with these frivolous extracurricular needs?”

“I want to believe that the younger generation appreciates the beauty in the chaos and blur of translation, that they delight in extracting meaning from sounds that were perhaps once simply melted into the melody,” writes on poetry and . #BTS 

“Is the foreignness of language in fact part of the attraction?” Issue 227 contributor writes about K-pop, language, , poetry, and tenderness:

Zora Neale Hurston passed away on this day fifty-eight years ago. Read about when Alice Walker flew down to Florida and bought a headstone for Hurston’s unmarked grave:

Rest in peace, Philip Roth. “There has to be some pleasure in this job, and that’s it. To go around in disguise. To act a character. To pass oneself off as what one is not. To pretend. The sly and cunning masquerade.”

RIP Sam Shepard. “The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards another beginning.”