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Latest Scoops

Yesterday Gibraltar won their second game in a week.

Ireland have won one game this year.
Good morning my fellow earthlings. What's new?
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You'd be embarrassed to show up to a Sunday League game with these on your shirt... https://t.co/MMiek7fV3B
‘Surely the English Open bringing in some eye-charts for a quick tune-up of the officials would please the main man?’ The Rocket’s had some previous run-ins with the authorities: https://t.co/9KdTRQm4Ix
Martin O'Neill says he has ‘seen signs of improvement in Ireland’.

‘For example, how many Krispy Kreme shops did we used to have? None. And how many have we got now? Exactly. Improvement. Case closed’
‘England’s goalless draw in Rijeka last week, or more accurately the reaction to it, underlined how we, as the footballing public, are not helping Rashford by granting him so much leeway.’ See more from @grahamruthven here: https://t.co/wv5nmE2b27
It’s 2023, Ireland have just secured a goalless draw in League Y, table 4 of the UEFA Nations League.

O’Neil: ‘Should I have been more attacking? It’s easy to say that now but it’s a point away from home against a dangerous Narnia side.’
At this stage Martin O’Neil needs to do the honourable thing and tell the FAI he’s bringing Wes Hoolahan out of retirement.
Ireland now need to win away in Denmark to try and avoid relegation.

Relegation to where I’ve no idea. Maybe down a f*cking black hole. Might be for the best.
Declan Rice is a wise man. #IREvWAL
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