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What we see when Pep lays a team out and puts his game plan into action, is a man obsessed with perfection – a level of tactical engagement that most could never comprehend. Read more here: https://t.co/DiZ2zrfRXJ
Watford's new top for next season is on show at Vicarage Road today, and it's an absolute banger.
BREAKING: After Alberto Moreno’s performance for Liverpool today, Andy Robertson has been given a new 10-year contract, and had his wages quadrupled.
For all the lows that are explicitly regurgitated over and over again by opposition fans, people seem to forget the glory that Arsene Wenger brought to Arsenal. See his top five here: https://t.co/ejuMQfO6Jl
David De Gea has been Manchester United's player of the season yet again, and some #MUFC fans are really desperate to hang on to him. Like, REALLY desperate...
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‘To go a season without losing a game in the league was a feat that Ferguson never managed, although it’s probably worth pointing out #AFC lost more games in all competitions in 2003-04 than #MUFC did in 1998-99.’ Read @R_o_M here: https://t.co/jOWyLPCkA4
Watford v Crystal Palace is the only other Premier League game today, and it's live on Sky Sports in Ireland. Match odds here: https://t.co/PWefdzMpOh
Mary Tudor is Nic Doggett’s pick in the Salsabil Stakes on Sunday. He’s put together a treble for the Navan card. Find out more here: https://t.co/NZZeshKkSL
That West Brom comeback also means that, after paying out on Liverpool when they went 2-0 up, we also now pay out on the draw. #2UP
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Your team in good form?
The defence looking solid?
Worried about complacency ahead of a huge Champions League game, and think everybody needs to come back down to earth?

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