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Latest Scoops

‘Born in Abidjan but raised in Croydon, Zaha embodies the South London and Proud motto that once found itself stitched into Palace’s famous red and blue kit.’ Should Wilfried Zaha stay put with Palace? https://t.co/4WG5DaKH0x
Hat-tip to @ShaneRyanHere for one of his pre-tournament picks over on PP News. Anyone get on it? #TheOpen
Francesco Molinari wins #TheOpen
If I was that engraver I'd think f*ck it, stick Francesco Molinari's name in now, then it's an early dart.

Probably why I've never held any job with any responsibility. #TheOpen
Molinari finishes on -8 and is now 1/10 for #TheOpen .

Xander Schauffele at 6/1. https://t.co/3HVGu8IWlU

Shouting in the crowd at #TheOpen, there's the fella.
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Molinari and Schauffele tied for the lead:

4/5 Francesco Molinari
2/1 Xander Schauffele

Full betting: https://t.co/3HVGu8IWlU

That tracker is a serious piece of kit. #TheOpen
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Eight players still in the betting for the Open, who wins it from here?

Full betting: https://t.co/3HVGu8IWlU

Watching this, kids can’t help but be inspired to go to their local club tomorrow to find out golf is really expensive and exclusive so they’re not welcome. #TheOpen
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