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Latest Scoops

‘Everyone is raving about City. But when it comes to the two clubs, Man United are miles bigger than City. Let’s not get this mixed up.’ Paul Ince has his say right here: https://t.co/6fxCyKZhTz
Sanchez is exactly the type of player United need, and he could be the missing link for them. Read Emmanuel Petit: https://t.co/ZFSvuW7NPh
2 Up offer on the #AusOpen! We pay out immediately if the player you back goes two sets up! https://t.co/yVwBuRqGWh
2 Up, You Win! We pay out immediately if your team goes two goals up. Applies to all Premier League and La Liga matches! https://t.co/3QOfve5Z4T
‘Martial, Lukaku and Rashford are all good players on their day – but Sanchez is a game changer. He’s priceless’. Read Paul Ince: https://t.co/6fxCyKZhTz
‘Standard and skill levels rise in football all the time, but still nothing pleases us like a lad chasing after the ball like a dog in the park.’ @johngibbonsblog lauds Andy Robertson and Bobby Firmino. Read here: https://t.co/4RonngB6S3
Alexis will be an excellent player for United. They’ve got a top-quality footballer. As for Mkhitaryan, I’m not sure he has a winning mentality and sometimes he reminds me of Ozil. Read Emmanuel Petit: https://t.co/ZFSvuW7NPh
Anyone else feel a bit of a Monday flu coming on? We’re not missing these two games anyway. Check out the tips from the traders for the NFL Conference Champs here: https://t.co/ADY9i3A141
‘What did you do on for your 30th?’. ‘Scored a 60 yard screamer, what did you do?’. Pep will be on the phone now for this keeper. Check this out: https://t.co/8PzjTf8K1i
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