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Digital Director @vanmoof, prev editor at @thenextweb. Kiwi in Holland. ??

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Weird: having lived in the Netherlands and paid up to ~52% income tax - seeing what it gets you on an daily basis, have come to enthusiastically nod anytime government back home suggests raising taxes
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If you're getting a 'vt-x is not available' Virtualbox error on Windows 10, this change appears intentional and worse yet, is enforced afresh on every Windows Update silently.

I've found a way to fix it (temporarily)https://t.co/jfvAesogIW:
Picked up Bullet Journal for 2018 and it's already such a great system for getting stuff done.

Anyone else doing it? Love any random tips/tweaks to the system.
Love that Google is making AR available right in the web browser https://t.co/roAiL9spCq
It's perplexing that 99% of smart TVs run Android, and Google seems to barely making effort to improve it. It's fantastic when it works!
2018: legitimately spending hours debugging a lightbulb
It doesn't look like much, but my app is finally working with no external dependencies, ful @chargebeel payment support a @CraftCMSnd 3. 🎊

So psyched for this!
Every app I'm working on needs more emoji like this one tbh
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