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Digital Director @vanmoof, prev editor at @thenextweb. Kiwi in Holland. ??

Latest Scoops

<3 this Microsoft job ad:

"We use PCs, Macs, Figma, Sketch, GitHub, JavaScript, ZEIT, and other modern tools to design, prototype, and build the future of software development."

Project Fuschia is fascinating because it's the first 'real' modern OS, built from the ground up, with all the learnings from a decade of smartphones. (And it's not Linux based).

Ars had a great look at it earlier this yeahttps://t.co/0NFIUkFGTRr
It's no coincidence that tidbits about Google's work to rebuild Android from the ground up comes a day after the EU slaps 'em with finehttps://t.co/Gp1SS5groJs
I wrote something longer for @chargedtech subscribers about the EU vs Android thing, and why it isn't great for consumers. Secret unlock link: https://t.co/mXuhytXT6J
Ok, makers, time for questions: if you make a subscription product and it's growing slowly, but organically (5-6% per month), what next?

Things seem to be working w/ paid @chargedtech, but next big step seems harder to move on. feel stuck!
👋 looking for new projects for August!

Have worked with amazing folks like Greylock, Stripe, Digitalocean, Clubhouse, Clearbit + more and can help you with:

✍️ UX copy
📃 Content strategy
🚀 Technical product marketing/launch

Say hey: https://t.co/kTqypWwgYZ
Given enough time, every app becomes a chat app https://t.co/RXXa64hAdu
Twitter has 4,000 employees and they can't fix the......... verification scheme? What is everyone actually up to over there? https://t.co/kEaa5K8HrQ
Hello, websites that lazily use a lot of mobile data: Google Chrome is coming for you
phew, we sure did make a shitload of money
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