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definitely got my money's worth out of the switch in six months
given the choice I would binge a 12 episode tv show and feel like it's shorter over watching any movie
Had no idea this was there! Here's how to get this:

- long hold anywhere on home screen
- tap widgets
- choose settings shortcut
- tap notification log
- place your icon
Just found out Android has a notification log, in case you ever swiped something away by accident. Life saver??
$40 more per phone, thanks to the EU Antitrust ruling. I bet that's more than any part in the device costs.

This is going to get passed on to the consumer. https://t.co/k2lxrgjtyA
Would pay 10x as much for The New York Times to get rid of the ads. There's so many it's not worth it, so I'll probably just cancel.
media: there's something wrong with facebook and we have to do something

also media:
I never really thought that hard about why every payment terminal out there still had physical buttons, but this is such a great reimagining of something you use every dahttps://t.co/EATIMGkIkyy
Wow, Square went and basically reinvented the whole credit card terminal https://t.co/USlER0P9r5
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