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Digital Director @vanmoof, prev editor at @thenextweb. Kiwi in Holland. ??

Latest Scoops

My bud @aahaworth just started a newsletter about internet overload, and the first issue is a cracker https://t.co/jFcmVnzJ5l
Been a long time since I found a good fresh podcast but enjoying 'Hurry Slowly' a lot. ✌️ https://t.co/uIzsdkc3MK
Thanks to GDPR, every company I ever signed up for is emailing me constant begs to accept their terms.
Pixel 2, six months on: still great? 📱

Google's long-term podcast plan? Make them inherently searchable, so you can find the CONTENT within them with search as well. https://t.co/dM8qFHfMy7
This is great. Intercom is making more than just a chat window for your site — it's another surface for your customers to interact nowhttps://t.co/gw8Sfpuoph.
Video player
Damn, @intercom's new chat messenger looks so so good https://t.co/OuS7m0X7Zw
Please never ever build a custom country dropdown for the web, omg
this week's first tech 'too long, didn't read', with everything worth knowing goes out in 12 hours. 🚀

coupon 'april-love' gets you 40% off for a month, if you use it this week

That magic moment when your free SSL certificate is one day from expiring, renewal isn't working and you forgot how it's set up 🤦‍♀️
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