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Training & Learning Manager di Banca Mediolanum. Dal 2012 autore del sito Guarda Il Tuo Futuro. Futuro e innovazione sono il mio pane quotidiano!

Latest Scoops

A "Self-Destruct" Switch for Cancer? New Method Turns Cancer Cells Against Thems https://t.co/hlGqDKLhNk
Is It Possible To Create A Wormhole Through Space? The Science of 'Portal&# https://t.co/3yDhaiCklE
Meet The First Robot To Closely Mimic A Salamander https://t.co/PHFBmtUNAS
Artificial Human Heart May Just Be Possible Thanks to This Silicon Stingray https://t.co/Nh838PiOQ1
Say Goodbye To The Struggle Of Parallel Parking! https://t.co/jeKD0iMbtZ
Sweden Tests a New "Electric Highway" in Bid to Replace Fossil Fuels https://t.co/SmbjHUEoat
South Korean Dog Cloning Facility Can Give You Your Dead Dog Back https://t.co/eJWGD93BFL
25 Watts of Power Produced from Microbial Fuel Cell https://t.co/Rhlgikwgry
Meet Pam, the 3D Printer that puts the "P" in Polished https://t.co/fDmfBT8w3C
Scientists Create 3D-Printed Jaw For Cancer Survivor https://t.co/REuSI9Ua7F
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