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President Biden has China answer written down and is reciting it.

So Joe Biden has gone full socialist on us. What does that mean for you? Honest news analysis on the @NoSpinNews  beginning at six this evening.

Unless Major League Baseball can articulate a specific part of the Georgia law that inhibits voting, and so far it has not, then the league deserves political scrutiny. If MLB is now part of the Democratic Party machine, Americans should know that.

Just the fact that Democrats want four justices added to the Supreme Court is terrifying. They don’t want a two-party system of checks and balances. They want a left wing dictatorship. They want a one party country – just like they have achieved in California and New York.

Six minutes into the speech I have learned nothing. It is very boring. But I have hope it might get better.

BIG: President Donald J. Trump to Discuss the History of His Administration with Bill O'Reilly in a Limited Engagement National Tour

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Like Cuomo, many of the loudest woke voices have quiet resumes that are appalling; especially in the media and in Hollywood.

People should not be forced to take medicine in a free society. However, Covid is badly damaging America, and refusing the vax is not helping the situation.


Barack Obama said he used cocaine in high school and the press didn’t care. So why the angst against President Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine? If the remedy is useless, so what? Why do they care?

Are you ready for the collapse of the news media? It's coming.

This NBC thing with Mr. Trump is a complete setup. Ms. Guthrie is hostile. Meanwhile, it’s a smooch fest between Stephanopolus and Biden on ABC.

I’ve been covering presidential elections since 1976 and the difference between vote tallies on Election Day and the new data from mail votes is nothing short of stunning. Americans who are suspicious have a right to that sentiment. I am suspicious.

It is almost beyond belief that America is being trashed the way it is. I mean, here we have a country that provides more opportunity to more people than any other nation the planet has ever seen & millions of its own citizens want to destroy the traditions making that possible.

As usual, the killing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard general is being used by Democrats for political purposes. The man was not in the Baghdad airport changing planes to go to Paris. He was there directing the violent attacks on the US Embassy by Iranian proxies.

If you think the stock market is bad this week - this is not even close to what would happen if Bernie Sanders were ever elected president.