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MSNBC blacked out Republican Senator Lindsay Graham but is now broadcasting Democrat Diane Feinstein in the Horowitz hearing. It is all over for NBC News as a legitimate press organization.

It should be clear to any fair person that President Trump has not been treated the way other presidents have been. After the Horowitz testimony, we now know beyond any doubt that powerful forces actively undermined Trump’s campaign and, after he took office, his administration.

If you believe Michael Horowitz’s sworn testimony, the FBI leadership committed fraud on the federal FISA court. A felony.

‘The United States of Trump’ storms back on to the New York Times bestseller list. If you look at the top 50 book list on Amazon, there are only four real books there. The list is dominated by kids stuff, diets, self-help etc. Publishing is changing fast.

Looks like the far left folks got hammered in the UK election today. Will that happen in the USA next November? Good chance. Please visit for honest news analysis.

That was some exchange between O’Reilly and Beck on the radio! I’ve ordered it posted on and they have to do what I say. It’s in my contract.

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This is a crossroads in American history. You have a corrupt media – no question – that have allied itself with a political party in order to destroy the President of the United States. If they are successful – our Republic is gone.

CNN is in journalism trouble. Apparently the network ran a false story about Michael Cohen saying Donald Trump knew in advance of his son meeting with Russians during the campaign, but also lied to their viewers about the anonymous sourcing of the story.

Today we learned that the FBI (under former Attorney General Holder) leaked information to the press using the “anonymous source” ruse, then turned around and used the media articles to convince judges to issue surveillance warrants. That's a crime.

As you may know, I am a simple man. So, I have an easy question for Nancy Pelosi who has accused President Trump of a “cover up.” A cover up of what? Incredibly, you didn’t say - and no press person asked you, as far as I know. What. Is. The. Cover Up?

It is almost beyond comprehension that the Democratic Party basically supports open borders and is fine with providing welfare payments to millions of undocumented aliens when the country is $22 trillion in debt.

A new poll says 70 percent of Americans believe we are on the verge of civil war. They are wrong. There’s no verge. A social civil war is in progress.