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Please understand this: the primary reason the House voted to impeach President Trump is that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats knew the press would give them cover and blatant support.

Bernie Sanders would ruin the American economy in ten minutes. He would also allow ISIS and other terrorists to run wild. And he is a contender for the Democratic nomination? Stunning. I discuss with Sean Hannity. Listen here-->

Another blatant attempt to “cancel” conservative views. An op-ed in the New York Times demanding Meghan McCain be replaced on “The View.” Vince Vaughn should give her a call. We are seeing Stalinism right before our eyes. Hang tough Meghan. Protect her, Disney.

Why is America so divided? A new @Gallup  poll shows the issues that are really dividing America. I opine on today’s O’Reilly Update:

Important radio conversation between me and @glennbeck  today. It is posted on along with the best analysis on impeachment and the presidential campaign. Hope you check it out this weekend.

Amazing impeachment and election coverage on . I’m Holly the terror dog and I approved that message!

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Today’s federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, is a good time to think about how that brave man changed the country for the better by challenging irrational hatred with a vision of justice.

Dr. King won many victories in the tough fight but eventually paid for his activism with his life.


MSNBC blacked out Republican Senator Lindsay Graham but is now broadcasting Democrat Diane Feinstein in the Horowitz hearing. It is all over for NBC News as a legitimate press organization.

This is a crossroads in American history. You have a corrupt media – no question – that have allied itself with a political party in order to destroy the President of the United States. If they are successful – our Republic is gone.

CNN is in journalism trouble. Apparently the network ran a false story about Michael Cohen saying Donald Trump knew in advance of his son meeting with Russians during the campaign, but also lied to their viewers about the anonymous sourcing of the story.

Today we learned that the FBI (under former Attorney General Holder) leaked information to the press using the “anonymous source” ruse, then turned around and used the media articles to convince judges to issue surveillance warrants. That's a crime.

As usual, the killing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard general is being used by Democrats for political purposes. The man was not in the Baghdad airport changing planes to go to Paris. He was there directing the violent attacks on the US Embassy by Iranian proxies.

As you may know, I am a simple man. So, I have an easy question for Nancy Pelosi who has accused President Trump of a “cover up.” A cover up of what? Incredibly, you didn’t say - and no press person asked you, as far as I know. What. Is. The. Cover Up?

It is almost beyond comprehension that the Democratic Party basically supports open borders and is fine with providing welfare payments to millions of undocumented aliens when the country is $22 trillion in debt.