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President Trump is confident that this impeachment thing will help his reelection because he knows that as the chief law enforcement officer he has the right to investigate corruption—we’ve seen the transcript of the phone call and there were no laws broken on that phone call.

Our pal @greta  wants more responsibility from the media. It will NEVER HAPPEN! How's that for pithy? Honest news and analysis -->

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Americans have a decision to make: do you want a country that works, that is actually fair? Or do you want a virtuous nation that taxes the hell out of hard-working people to pay for every entitlement under the sun?

Tired of headache-inducing impeachment talk? Get the straight story in five clear paragraphs in the Message of the Day. has it--

This impeachment kick is really all about the Democrats getting in front of John Durham’s investigation—Dems are simply trying to distract the folks with the impeachment of Donald Trump. More on how this will play out from me and @seanhannity-- >

'The United States of Trump' sold more copies than any other non-fiction book first week out. Thank you. But it isn’t listed as number one. What’s going on? We have the answer posted on

New survey reveals that 45% of adults find it hard to make new friends — the average adult has not made a new friend in 5 years. The REAL reason why the friendship factor is declining in the USA? The machines! More on today’s O’Reilly Update:

The continuing far left attacks on Ellen for being respectful to President Bush & his wife remind us again that fanatics are running wild in this country.I did Ellen’s show and she and her staff were great to deal with. She’s a positive for her country unlike many of her critics.


As you may know, I am a simple man. So, I have an easy question for Nancy Pelosi who has accused President Trump of a “cover up.” A cover up of what? Incredibly, you didn’t say - and no press person asked you, as far as I know. What. Is. The. Cover Up?

This is a crossroads in American history. You have a corrupt media – no question – that have allied itself with a political party in order to destroy the President of the United States. If they are successful – our Republic is gone.

Today we learned that the FBI (under former Attorney General Holder) leaked information to the press using the “anonymous source” ruse, then turned around and used the media articles to convince judges to issue surveillance warrants. That's a crime.

Excuse me, Madame Speaker, but the Democratic National Committee paid $$$ that found its way to Russians to put together a phony document that smeared and defamed @realDonaldTrump . Did you miss that, Madame Speaker? The phony outrage today sure is something.

Fair-minded people have to know all this impeachment nonsense is pure politics, not a constructive action to protect Americans from a rogue president. Donald Trump is certainly unorthodox but he is not a Constitutional violator.

It is almost beyond comprehension that the Democratic Party basically supports open borders and is fine with providing welfare payments to millions of undocumented aliens when the country is $22 trillion in debt.

Here’s the first major deception today by the press. AG Barr said that Mueller identified ten possible obstruction situations and investigated. CNN and others are saying there ten “instances” of obstruction. False. Amazing the corruption in the media.