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It seems the contagiousness or the spreading ability of the virus is getting stronger, says #China  health commission chair. Adds this puts extra pressure on prevention control, reports @chengevelyn . Experts estimate that epidemic has entered a more serious and complicated stage.

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Golden kelp: how did the alien seaweed end up in Irish waters?

Quizzes, influencers, IRA memes: How Election 2020 was won online

Decarbonisation, though vital for our future, is not a victimless policy in the present. Many rural communities, especially in the midlands, face ruinous downturns right now, as the big machines leave the bogs forever.

I notice that everyone complaining about taxpayers funding Trump's lap around the track at #Daytona500  had no problem paying for the $40 MILLION Mueller witch hunt. Cry. Me. A. River.

it took a few weeks but my oldest granddaughter and I finished our first Lego project...

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@diannaarton  @Jon_Capehart_UKW  @vanbadhama  @virgotweet  have a two party system in Australia because the clear majority of people continue to vote for the two parties. The two-major parties still get 3-4 times as many votes as any minor party. If enough people vote for other parties then we will not have a two-party system.

“‘What Trump is doing is canceling what we all have proven, what the courts have a form of jury nullification at a presidential level//(Trump) is doing it on steroids because of the power of his office. People have to see the danger in that.’”

The 1 Question the Most Interesting People Will Ask to Start Great Conversations @MarcelSchwantes 

China's Hubei reports 1,933 new cases of coronavirus on Feb 16