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Told my boyfriend to go to the store and buy all the food he’ll need while I’m not home all weekend to cook for him. He came back with cereal, a frozen pizza, and beer

As an immigrant, the way Americans talk to their kids is so strange to me. It's like realizing that some people eat with their toes

Really interesting story about Dems' strategy to boost a polarizing GOP candidate, and whether it could backfire by @russellberman 

Just took @BrigidSchulte  's great advice and assigned my boyfriend an annoying admin task that's been lingering. If he doesn't do it, it won't get done! I feeeeel so freeeeee

I have a great idea for getting 18-year-olds to not want to have sex with each other, which is to give them a mortgage and really stressful jobs

"People who work at grocery stores in no way signed up to expose themselves to disease, but we expected them to go to work, and they did."

also there shouldn't be a death penalty 🙃

I'm on vacation and finally relaxed, so last night I dreamt the plot of a novel and woke up disappointed that it was really, really stupid

Okay, it was: A girl falls in love with her guy best friend, who she didn't realize was perfect for her all along 🙄 Dream Olga was like

Allan Lichtman, the "keys to the presidency" guy (of @AmericanU  fame!), says Biden will win


Please, God, someone do a sport so my boyfriend will stop talking about his sourdough starter

Here's a word of wisdom from an infectious-disease modeler I talked to recently: If social distancing feels silly, that means it's working. If it feels like you're avoiding healthy people for no reason, that's actually good

Welp, an Amazon warehouse worker in Queens has tested positive. What happens when Amazon workers start getting sick in droves?

I wrote about something that's been deeply troubling me for months: Suicides and overdoses among Millennials are going up, and it's looking like it's only going to get worse

NEW from me: After interviewing dozens of experts, I've honed in on the four main reasons the U.S. was so far behind on coronavirus testing

🚨I wrote about outdoor school! It might be the answer to our school-reopening problems, so why isn't it happening on a broader scale?

I wrote about a subject near and dear to my heart: The humble backpack

For your late-capitalism time capsules: Tips for writing effective cancer GoFundMe pages

Young people are now cheating on their spouses less than old people are

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