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The main thing that is said in my house on weekends is “if it weren’t for the HOA fee it would be a no-brainer”

Hats off to the woman in this waiting room saying ”oy!” loudly every few minutes, she speaks for us all

Youths I’m sorry, olds at the farmers market think I’m one of you and ask me about Instagram.

Here's a crazy story: A doctor told patients they had epilepsy when they didn't. He's not the first to intentionally misdiagnose patients. The reason why speaks to the perverse incentives that doctors often have:

Can everyone please stop saying “late summer?” It’s making me early depressed.

Another election, another cheat sheet. @GrahamDavidA  keeps track of the Dems so you don't have to

Modest proposal that women start referring to the day they get their IUD as IU D-day

I don't need to journal, I just gchat "ugh" to people all day

My bf's band just made a new song, and ... there's no other way to say this ... it sounds like early 2000s Christian rock. Like, staring at the overhead-projected lyrics in youth group on Wednesdays with your hands up. I'm delighted!


I wrote about a subject near and dear to my heart: The humble backpack

Young people are now cheating on their spouses less than old people are

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Here's a story for which I followed for a year a woman who is living through some of the most extreme health disparities in the country: ​

"This should really be getting everyone’s attention in a major way.” Americans are dying younger, and more frequently by suicide:

Americans are going bankrupt from getting sick. Here's why it's happening:

A surprising number people wake up *naturally* at 5:30 a.m. or earlier. Here's what that's like:

16,000 people would be alive today if all states had expanded Medicaid. @AnnieLowrey  reports on a new study:

This is incredible: "speed limits ratchet higher until no more than 15 percent of motorists violate them."

I wrote about a fascinating new study which suggests that things that happened to your parents before you were born might shape your own health

"Think of our body politic like a human body, with our constitutional checks and balances, democratic norms and institutions, and well-informed citizenry all acting as an immune system protecting us from the disease of authoritarianism." New essay by HRC!