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So if “Kamala is A Cop” then why isn’t #BlueLivesMatter  Twitter happy right now? Make it make sense...

Some like crazy people, cause their crazy and like crazy cause it makes them feel less crazy.

Trump trying so hard to divert attention away from Kamala today... He’s tweeting about watching Bill Maher? This is gonna be amazing.

This week on #RapLifeReview  I linked up once again with @LowKeyUHTN  & @neweryork , covering @iamcardib  x @theestallion ’s #WAP , @RickRoss  vs. @2chainz , thoughts on a potential @Drake  x @kanyewest  edition of #Verzuz  and more. Watch now:

Coming up at 3:30 ET we got a World Premiere from @SheffG83 , @SleepyHallow4 , and @GreatJohnMusic  AKA @WinnersCircleBK  Tune in on @AppleMusicto  get the exclusive first listen of their song “Tip Toe.”

Today’s Discovered on @AppleMusic  artist is @oliveosun  with “You the One Fish in the Sea.” Check it out at 3:55 ET today:

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North Carolina had the best year of any state in HipHop... J.Cole & Dreamville, Cordae, Rapsody, Little Brother.... DaBaby

Eminem treats Rap how Black folks have had to treat life... be 5x better, work 5x harder than everyone and still not necessarily get respect.

So lemme get this str8.... You paying $45K a semester for 4yrs to get a certificate for a job that pays you $40K a year? ? This is a bad plan.

Hip-Hop aside..Nipsey was a Father. A Husband. A Son. A Brother. A community leader. He was a human and other humans need him. He worked hard. He never asked for handouts. He wanted to learn & be great in every aspect of his being. #RIPNipseyHussle  You are a legend Soldier

Kanye West is creative he is NOT smart... Do not confuse the 2....

And furthermore why is Kanye so quiet?

People let R.Kelly call himself the Pied Piper... which is a story about a man playing music and leading kids away from home! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

This a friendly reminder that Colin Kaepernick tried to peacefully alert the Nation that there are serious systematic issues with Police .... That wasn’t loud enough for you. Are you listening yet?