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El Viejo Ebro

HOT97 /  Beats 1 at 3pm NYC

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Plus we bringing a van full of #1619Project  @tmagazine  with us for give aways!

#YearOfReturn ... Make sure you to make it home, so that your ancestors work is a success! #Ghana  #CapeCoast  #DoorOfReturn  ... The bridge home is built!

Even though I steal other people’s posts... stay off mine!! 🤣🤣 Is this even real?

A word from @spikelee  ... “Think about your ancestors today... we build this muthafucka !!” #1619Project  #YearOfReturn  #400Years 

Don’t let social media and the barbershop convince you we are divided....

My main expectation with Jay Z & this NFL collab is the marketing & mainstreaming of the Prison Reform conversation.... so policy change can take place in middle America. I am still on “wait and see” This will take years.

Stop allowing leadership to weaponize religion... If they were really that religious they wouldn’t also be manuevering for power

Most Influential HipHop Songs (Pt. 4) * 100% * So Fresh, So Clean * Sound of Da Police * Dwyck * Bad & Bougie * Burn * Fancy * Ain’t No Nigga * Paul Revere * What We Do * Adrenalin * Fugee La * Renegade * Jackin’ 4 Beats * Dope Fiend Beat * Project Chick * Hustlin’ * Blok is Hot


The reason is “lost”... 1 - Can’t out REAL Jay Z 2 - Can’t out TRUTH J.Cole 3 - Can’t out RAP Kendrick 4 - Can’t out HIT Drake So ALL Kanye had left was this...

So lemme get this str8.... You paying $45K a semester for 4yrs to get a certificate for a job that pays you $40K a year? 🤔 This is a bad plan.

Hip-Hop aside..Nipsey was a Father. A Husband. A Son. A Brother. A community leader. He was a human and other humans need him. He worked hard. He never asked for handouts. He wanted to learn & be great in every aspect of his being. #RIPNipseyHussle  You are a legend Soldier

Kanye West is creative he is NOT smart... Do not confuse the 2....

If ya list ain’t handwritten it don’t count... #TheRealTop50  (*) could be ranked higher

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People let R.Kelly call himself the Pied Piper... which is a story about a man playing music and leading kids away from home! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Yo fans are you ready?!?! stopped by #NCTYC  before to hang out. Listen tomorrow 6/26 at 4pm EST for more 📲 #beats1ebro  #KCON 

HipHop has never had a Summer like this...

So they just peacefully hand cuffed the white Supremacist terrorist in El Paso? Oh.

Support @NipseyHussle  tonight!! Make sure everything is sold out by tomorrow. All hands on deck!