Watergate / President Trump

Congress had a clear idea of the role inspectors general would play when it created them after the Watergate scandals. But President Trump has made clear he has little use for such independent oversight — and now he has launched a full-fledged attack.

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Watergate / President Trump

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"Let’s do this another way. Let's stop thinking our voice don’t matter and vote. Not just for the president...educate yourself and know who you’re voting for. And that’s how we're going to hit 'em."

These are not the words of a president. They are the words of a dictator.

The president is calling out the American military against American citizens. He used the military to push out a peaceful protest so he could have a photo op at a church. It's all just a reality TV show for this president. Shameful.

Trump just had peaceful demonstrators viciously attacked. No, Mr. President. This is not a dictatorship. This is the United States of America. Our citizens have a constitutional right to peacefully protest. It's called the First Amendment.

Donald Trump just tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op.

When a president is fearful and flailing, Lacks the capacity to lead and to unify, Turns the American military against its own citizens, And tear gasses peaceful protestors to make way for a photo op, We must do what he cannot: Bring people together, and fix a broken system.

How low can this president go? President Trump ordered federal authorities to fire tear gas at peaceful protesters so that he could hold a photo op to appear like a tough guy. His words are empty. His actions reveal his true nature.

Remember these aren’t just Trump’s actions. There are WH officials and other federal employees carrying out these orders. He can’t do all of that alone.

Wow. Bishop Mariann Buddy of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington hammering @realDonaldTrump  for using her church for a photo op. “I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing tonight...what on earth did we just witness? The abuse of sacred symbols”

Just an unbelievable use of military and police force to clear out Lafayette Park of protesters for a photo op at St John’s Episcopal Church.

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