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Latest Scoops

There are a record number of women serving in Congress. We photographed 130 of them — a testament to what power looks like in 2019. https://t.co/i0wDfrULIO
Federal Courts, Running Out of Money, Brace for Shutdown’s Pain https://t.co/58aurLVfCx
On Politics: Number of Children Separated From Parents May Be Much Higher https://t.co/qsnwEaZ8st
Michael Cohen acknowledged that he had paid the owner of a technology services company to help doctor results of an online poll to help Donald Trump as he considered a run for president https://t.co/sCSCEG4y8k
By many measures, the last couple of decades scorched American workers. Wages crawled up, factory jobs fled to China and benefits collapsed. But those years look less painful if you worked for Uncle Sam. https://t.co/gAV70CRwjH
Has Washington turned into an unruly sandbox? As the shutdown drags on, squabbles, tantrums and tit-for-tat antics are proliferating. https://t.co/eX6NQTEcWD
Senators Lindsey Graham and Jeanne Shaheen visited the Palace of Princes, a restaurant popular with American troops, during a visit to Syria in July. On Wednesday, militants set off a bomb at the restaurant, killing 16. https://t.co/rimmiMbayd
A Republican lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that would embolden President Trump’s trade war by granting him sweeping new executive powers to unilaterally increase tariffs on imports https://t.co/jY2FqyFGZz
In what was largely a symbolic vote showing disapproval of Trump administration policy, 136 House Republicans joined with Democrats in voting to block the Treasury Department from lifting sanctions against companies controlled by a Russian oligarch https://t.co/OKKFmNHN31
Unpaid Transportation Security Administration officers say travelers have been offering words of encouragement, hugs and homemade casseroles https://t.co/eFA2dtpTFZ
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