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Latest Scoops

Voters Widely Support Public Schools. So Why Is It So Hard to Pay for Them? https://t.co/GTMUeCNltc
When Hospitals Merge to Save Money, Patients Often Pay More https://t.co/3pHhMYjpSL
On Politics: Democrats Continue to Gain as More Midterm Races Are Finalized https://t.co/58WajdyIQV
Republicans Lose Another California House Seat https://t.co/zDL0svJV9I
U.S. Military’s Global Edge Has Diminished, Strategy Review Finds https://t.co/avqW4hWAz4
Doctors flooded the NRA with stories and photos about treating gunshot victims after the gun rights group tweeted, “Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane” https://t.co/tsR9MAl1Pn
After the Woolsey Fire destroyed his home, Neil Young took President Trump to task over climate change https://t.co/FtGdHiCu5L
Of the more than 7,100 hate crimes reported last year, nearly 3 out of 5 were committed on the basis of someone’s race and ethnicity https://t.co/RcuyTtAIon
Galvanized by a voter ID law, Native Americans turned out in record numbers in North Dakota — and a Native American woman unseated the law's architect https://t.co/O6gZq5Jbm0
The midterms suggest President Trump may have to walk a precarious path to re-election in 2020. But there are warning signs for Democrats, too. https://t.co/HfLgWF6L0P
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