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California’s move to Super Tuesday has another important effect: It makes Super Tuesday more demographically representative.

Ed O’Callaghan, a Justice Department official who helped oversee the Mueller investigation, is set to step down at the end of the month

President Trump said his North American trade agreement would reverse the flow of auto jobs to other countries. Many experts think that is unlikely.

Arrests and deportations of undocumented immigrants inside the U.S. dropped in the past year, according to government data released on Wednesday

The House passed a bipartisan bill authorizing the Space Force as a sixth military branch and expanding paid parental leave for federal workers

A critical decision about China tariffs is looming, and Ron Vara, Peter Navarro’s hawkish alter ego, has re-emerged to share some thoughts on the matter


The director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, is expected to step down. He has been at odds with President Trump throughout his tenure

Galvanized by a voter ID law, Native Americans turned out in record numbers in North Dakota — and a Native American woman unseated the law's architect

One of Trump’s most controversial judicial nominees did not disclose that he's married to a senior White House lawyer who is a witness in the Mueller investigation

Fact Check of the Day: Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the economy added only 195,000 jobs for African-Americans under President Barack Obama. In fact, it added about 3 million.

John Hickenlooper is in discussions about ending his presidential bid and entering the race for Colorado's Republican-held Senate seat.

When James Comey first learned he had been fired, he thought it was a fairly funny prank

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