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I have faith in a democratic public’s ability to police itself. I wish Germany did. https://t.co/xVdGdGuHrD
By & large the violent hatred on display in Va. couldn’t be further from my personal experiences with white people. https://t.co/8Eu1YvQZhT
The margin for error for “scathing political humor” is as thin as it has ever been, writes @roywoodjr https://t.co/WqH6AUboRy
The @VillageVoice felt like the center of gravity for the artistic and intellectual forces raging about our city https://t.co/WSKwhpiZtj
Dick Gregory has passed away at a time when America is reverting to the country he fought so desperately to change https://t.co/siAlXz1900
Trump's business advisers took a moral stand. Why won't his evangelical advisers do the same? https://t.co/bw1g4xFylg
DON’T: Use hashtags to let ’Grammers know that your handbag costs more than they pay in rent in a year https://t.co/5HZlbukzy2
Is America succeeding? We asked teenagers. https://t.co/Gyr9rwYfnD
Other presidents have gotten crosswise with some in their own parties, but this president has alienated everybody. https://t.co/sfNIsLvvZv
DON’T: Express entitlement to decadent tours. Instead, say “#blessed,” with a picture of your cold-pressed juice. https://t.co/Uun9pEOAU4
Derek Lam: I will continue to fight for religious freedom in Hong Kong, even if I have to do it from behind bars. https://t.co/ny1Lv7idV8
There was nothing like The Village Voice when it thrummed with life https://t.co/aGAtEc9m1u
We need comedians like Dick Gregory, people who shine light in the dark, now more than ever https://t.co/EPweEIa4yI
The place for religious leaders is marching for justice, not standing behind the president https://t.co/frp7W8B1fV
The @VillageVoice dared me to imagine life as a writer, says @selwynhinds https://t.co/Q8HW6hUdfl
Derek Lam, a leading Hong Kong democracy activist, explains why he'll be barred from being a pastor in his hometown https://t.co/OusCzkKTjU
A thick social fabric will prevent Barcelona from falling for xenophobia, writes @CarlosDelclos https://t.co/1fQZCIzHxB
"You should not be a bystander. You should step up and be an advocate" https://t.co/8Nmu8O9L7W
The Congolese fight for democracy and oppose oppression from inside and abroad https://t.co/f7rJNnYFs0 #NYTLetters
John Kelly lost his son in Afghanistan. What must he think of Trump's new approach to the war? wonders @NYTimesCohen https://t.co/JTMCN8ze0x
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