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.@MichaelEDyson on how famous athletes have always led the way https://t.co/DLpXvyWaVc
North Korea isn't interested in a future without nuclear weapons, writes @tedcruz. Stop pretending it is. https://t.co/jxH2bgaMnH
Heng on Xi Jinping’s ‘New Era’ https://t.co/ILed8XSJIK
The intelligence community has noted that a warming trend is already underway #NYTLetters https://t.co/VEfoPjK9jx
You can't question a general, but there's no limit to questioning women in Trump's universe, says @CharlesMBlow https://t.co/odV2AGQwI4
The shift will be gradual. But driving will be revolutionized sooner than many people think, argues @DLeonhardt https://t.co/Zycs9rX2Ic
The real costumes are the ones we wear the other 364 days of the year. https://t.co/JrIJ2vdABP
Congress has spent little time debating why so many deployments are needed https://t.co/wVgHehgPiq
Well, actually, Frankenstein was the name of the doctor https://t.co/SLMosfeEMv
Since the truth about my city will never come out of this White House, I’ll tell it myself, writes @TamarManasseh https://t.co/1hEVbfMIqy
There is someone who is eager to work for President Trump. And he's a Democrat. https://t.co/RyKECHhlz1
When Steve Bannon looks for targets as he prosecutes his “season of war,” it is people like me he has in mind. https://t.co/GH9cO2AC6N
Attempts to make North Korea behave have failed, writes @tedcruz. Time to try another tactic. https://t.co/3LDilYIFTf
Many people have asked me why I grew it, and most of those people are my wife https://t.co/bT6UPXZiUm
Maybe the Democratic Party does not want to be competitive in the Bible Belt or the Midwest https://t.co/bSWNaAM0W0 by @DouthatNYT
Formulaic statements by the same people who always lecture us on race won't do much good. https://t.co/Vavxy4PGh6
The years since financial crisis have seen a wave of protest movements, but now new people are getting involved https://t.co/WwpHqWGKS9
Scary facts only special people know https://t.co/LHnXbdClQk by @huttopian
Your headline asks “Do We Believe Women?” The answer lately seems to be yes #NYTLetters https://t.co/98kpkZui9L
Civil rights legend Ella Baker considered the male-centered, charismatic model of leadership a political dead end https://t.co/Td7NigNCLM
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