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Remember the hand-wringing when Barack Obama wore a tan suit or tossed a football in the Oval Office? https://t.co/ZIYcf8cCtC
Even as the current occupant of the White House continues to find new and shocking ways to defile his office, congressional Republicans have only lashed themselves more tightly to him. https://t.co/MfbC95Dqlw
The United States caused much of climate change. But other people are paying the price, writes @NickKristof https://t.co/ckitMHk5FE
"While a cognitive test such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment that was used to test President Trump can detect signs of dementia, it in no way rules out most other mental illnesses" #NYTLetters https://t.co/zV4RIltc3T
The scorching temperatures at the Australian Open tennis major are hurting players and cheating spectators, says @williamfleitch https://t.co/Xn3sVKAWh7
Springsteen name-checks it in "Born in the U.S.A." But what was Khe Sanh all about, anyway? https://t.co/lHdlivIe98
So, here's a helpful reminder to those morally upright members of the G.O.P. who were once so concerned about upholding standards of presidential decoruhttps://t.co/5AnPfazrbIm
As part of our continuing effort to resist the exhausting and numbing effects of living under a relentlessly abusive and degrading president, we present an updated guide to what Republicans now consider to be acceptable behavior from the commander in chief https://t.co/5AnPfazrbI
To appreciate true sports genius is to see it uninhibited by exterior circumstances, like egg-frying heat on the court, says @williamfleitch https://t.co/L3j27nVS7N
There has long been a fetishization of athletes being able to withstand the elements, to overcome them, en route to victory. But why? asks @williamfleitch. https://t.co/zJMa3IiGKt
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