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Ezra Klein, a founder of the website , will join The New York Times in January to write columns focused on policy and to host an interview podcast.

Media outlets that cater to the Chinese have formed a fast-growing echo chamber for misinformation. Increasingly, they are feeding and being fed by far-right American media, @amyyqin , @vwang3  and @dannyhakim  write.

President Trump failed to realize that an article he shared purporting that his sister had publicly voiced her support for her brother was based on a fake Twitter account.

"It seems what Donald Trump did for the once-dying industry of cable news, Joe Biden may do for the dusty old newspaper column," @BuzzFeedBen  writes.

Newsmax, a once-obscure conservative cable channel owned by a member of Mar-a-Lago, is on the rise as Fox News experiences a post-election dip in its ratings dominance. Newsmax has yet to project a winner of the presidential election.

“Because of how Facebook’s algorithm functions, these superspreaders are capable of priming a discourse,” said a director at Avaaz. “These superspreaders show that there is an intentional effort to redefine the public narrative.”


“The only place on the White House grounds where a mask has been required is the White House press area, and the only people who have routinely violated that rule have been White House staff,” ABC's Jonathan Karl said

The New York Times issued a statement on Thursday saying an essay by Senator Tom Cotton did not meet the newspaper’s standards.

In interviews with @nytimes , more than a dozen doctors and misinformation researchers in the U.S. and Europe said the volume of patients misled by online information related to the virus was like nothing they had seen before

2 of the journalists accused Condé Nast, the magazine’s parent company, of failing to offer them pay that was commensurate to that of their white colleagues

What a year the last few days have been, huh?

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Tara Reade, who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, said the only offers she’s had to appear on television have come from Fox News, writes @BuzzFeedBen .

Viewership of the impeachment hearings rivals that of "Monday Night Football" or "NCIS"

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker and a writer for the Bellingcat website have tracked about 100 instances of reporters being harassed or injured at the protests. In some instances, journalists were attacked after telling officers that they were on the job.

“I did what I did because today is about Jacob Blake. It’s about his family, it’s about moving forward together peacefully, and I saw that today, and that headline did not reflect it. And when they refused to change it, I quit.”