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Turkey orders all citizens to wear masks and says it will deliver masks to every family, free of charge.

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@maracepeda  JUST IN: With a vote of 173-31-29, the House approves on final reading the anti-terrorism bill, feared by many will be used by the Duterte government to go after dissenters. | via @maracepeda  LIVE:

Thousands of protesters laid down with their hands behind their backs for nine minutes in tribute for George Floyd. Get the latest here:

@maracepeda  Deputy Minority Leader Carlos Zarate, who voted no, tells secretariat other congs joining the session through Zoom were muted and were not able to say their no vote. | via @maracepeda  LIVE:

Houston police chief to Trump: "If you don’t have anything constructive to say, keep your mouth shut"

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City sources say the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey has told banks to step up plans for the UK to leave the EU without a trade deal

@maracepeda  Belmonte: With this bill, in the guise of protecting our country, we are in fact undermining it!... We are repressing our freedoms. We are in fact destroying our democracy. | via @maracepeda  LIVE:

Elago: Certifying an anti-terror bill as urgent, the Duterte regime reveals itself to be desperately targeting not the coronavirus, but criticism and dissent to its response to this public health emergency. LIVE:

@maracepeda  ACT Teachers Rep France Castro, on voting no: Ang basic justice principle [ay] "You are innocent until proven guilty. " Pero dito sa anti-terror bill, "you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. " | via @maracepeda  LIVE:

A nurse who has been working on a #COVID19  ward reunites with her two daughters after spending nine weeks apart. Read more here:

Trump demands journalists correct stories on the use of tear gas. According to the CDC, it was tear gas.