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These hunter-gatherers have a superior ability at naming the things they smell. Sadly, that skill could one day be lost. https://t.co/4AMlKxwh3a
Some groups of hunter-gatherers are far better at identifying and describing odors than the average English-speaker. A new study suggests that their skill is rooted in cultural differences. https://t.co/yJlmoHYbOW
China has ratcheted up the pressure on Taiwan, an island democracy that it views as a breakaway province, by deploying a new tool: civilian airliners https://t.co/bLQCgYLjcv
China has raised the pressure on Taiwan by sending bombers on patrol flights around the island. Now it is has opened a new air route that also sends civilian airliners through the tense Taiwan Strait https://t.co/vXIRq06Su1
The authorities in Sudan have arrested at least seven journalists this week, including reporters for Reuters and Agence France-Presse, for covering street protests against rising living costs. https://t.co/IcIyjslKR3
China has opened a new air route for civilian airliners through the tense Taiwan Strait, at a time when it is also sending bombers and warships near Taiwan https://t.co/6JIhPohJIH
In what press advocates call a climate of rising censorship, the authorities in Sudan seized seven journalists covering street protests against economic conditions. https://t.co/bNVpTTXT5M
Micheal Martin, leader of conservative Fianna Fail, makes an impassioned speech in favor of relaxing Ireland's blanket ban on abortion https://t.co/McFcSuTnNJ
Pope's pro-environment speech in Peruvian jungle city resonates with indigenous leaders who see mining as a threat to their lives. https://t.co/tTncJpbnu1
Pope Francis broke with protocol and left his popemobile to comfort a policewoman in Chile https://t.co/ahP4emZFOy
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