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Latest Scoops

Efforts to combat the latest Ebola outbreak, which has killed at least 139 people since August, have been complicated by fighting between government forces and armed militias and by attacks on medical workers https://t.co/oRzl4N6cMj
Turkey's president says he will tell all he knows about Saudi officials' killing of a dissident journalist, as a top Saudi official apologizes for Saudi operatives acting “outside the scope of their authority.” https://t.co/SR2AxD6iBN
Three women whose bodies were burned were among nine farmers killed in a surprise attack in the Philippines https://t.co/ZDz8qfwdDH
Reflecting tensions, Jordan said it was taking back two border areas that Israelis have been using under the terms of a 1994 peace treaty. Israel said it would enter into negotiations to try to preserve the current arrangement. https://t.co/5s4MAYYTtU
Ethnic tension and competition for scarce resources have been blamed for deadly attacks in the area. Security has become a key issue ahead of presidential elections in February https://t.co/xHvpM5LkGw
The 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty increased the time the Soviet and now Russian leadership has to respond to a land-launched nuclear strike. Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who negotiated the treaty, on Sunday criticized U.S. plans to withdraw. https://t.co/46pxoirlPL
Erdogan promises to reveal what Turkey knows about the death of a Saudi journalist inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul https://t.co/DKl1tNjNIQ
“I’m not saying that I’m not coming to the commission” on graft in South Africa, Ajay Gupta says from Dubai. “I will, but not this moment.” https://t.co/LQ7IutHOaS
Morning Briefing, Asia/Australia Edition: What you need to know to start your day. https://t.co/KGH7Os19lK
President Trump's plan to withdraw from a nuclear arms treaty drew a rebuke from Mikhail S. Gorbachev, a signatory. “All agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament and limiting nuclear weapons must be preserved, for the sake of preserving life on earth." https://t.co/ZcWzqyKD03
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