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The rafts, made out of wood planks lashed to tractor tires, probably wouldn't pass many maritime inspections. But the raftsmen insist they're safe.“This is more secure than the Titanic,” says one. “If one tire bursts, we have another.” https://t.co/MlwJMVPcOk
Yes, many of the passengers on the raft may be moving merchandise across the river to avoid paying duty. But “It’s not to get rich,” says a raftsman. “It’s just to get by.” https://t.co/eEsjaIuDAZ
Amid a rapid diplomatic thaw, Eritrea has appointed its first ambassador to neighboring Ethiopia in two decades, the government said on Saturday https://t.co/4qMQwtcqXI
Margaret Thatcher apparently had no pets while prime minister of Britain, newly released private documents show. But she accumulated two teddy bears, named Humphrey and Mrs. Teddy. https://t.co/VgMbWmeRPB
"Please remember America, this isn’t the whole of U.K. portraying these views, a lot of the U.K. do support Trump entirely." Times readers gave their verdict on the American president's visit to Britain. https://t.co/PfWxza0dWz
In which country have false rumors about child kidnappers resulted in mobs killing two dozen innocent people since April? Try this week’s news quiz. https://t.co/QIQeZNZamn
“The war on drugs has become a war on drunks.” More than 50,000 Filipinos have been locked up for offenses as minor as having a beer outside. https://t.co/FbhmrI5zYW
The military’s foray into politics is a major shift — and for many Brazilians, a worrisome one https://t.co/Ny5MEH9Fac
“I’d been raised to think that any anger I felt was legitimate, merely by virtue of the fact that I was lower-class” https://t.co/ty8V75PZWR
“Far-right groups promote themselves as Robin Hoods who help communities manage the discomfort caused by Roma.” Rights groups have urged the government in Ukraine to confront violent attacks by nationalists on Roma camps. https://t.co/Gi0zMMn4E0
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