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President Emmanuel Macron of France has made a gamble, given President Trump’s unpopularity, that he can court him but not be tarnished by him https://t.co/lNbNImuii6
Europe is not paying any money to the Sudanese government, says one researcher. But by encouraging Sudan to curb irregular migration, “the E.U. basically legitimizes an abusive force.” https://t.co/OTRZdPhsF7
Poland is home to 33 of the 50 dirtiest cities in Europe, largely a legacy of its love affair with coal. https://t.co/vwcm8Y2Zxe
A suicide bomber killed dozens of people as they lined up at a government office in Kabul to register to vote https://t.co/xJzw3MWkSe
Morning Briefing, Europe edition: Here’s what you need to know to start your day https://t.co/ey8MEareLA
South Korea turns off loudspeakers blaring bouncy music and other propaganda into North Korea, silencing weapons of psychological warfare that have long annoyed Kim Jong-un https://t.co/3ih95bdBfm
How bad is India's cash shortage? “I tried at least 50 to 60 ATMs. But I could not find any cash," said one man in the state of Telangana. https://t.co/ymqFRNvXnW
Critics argue European leaders are implicitly reliant on — and complicit in the reputational rehabilitation of — a Sudanese security apparatus whose leaders have been accused by the U.N. of committing war crimes in Darfur https://t.co/5IUr2Efu6E
South Korea switches off propaganda loudspeakers along the border with North Korea to improve the mood for a summit with Kim Jong-un https://t.co/VIzUmUswaE
A former senator and son of the ex-personal secretary of Paraguay's long-time dictator, Alfredo Stroessner, defeated his leftist rival for the presidency https://t.co/AFIjiuZG8t
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