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“We don’t want to be monitored — we want human rights,” said a 24-year-old protester. “Maybe people in the mainland accept this, but people in Hong Kong will not.”

The University of Glasgow said it received as much as £200 million ($245 million) from historical benefactors with links to the slave trade

“We buy doping medicine from Australia and online in Indonesia and inject the horses in the morning and at night on race days to make them faster and improve their stamina,” says an owner.

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The International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 was originally passed as part of a congressional effort to define and restrain presidential assertions of power

There is much talk among Netanyahu allies — many of whom are eager to succeed him — that if he fails in his second attempt to forge a governing coalition, he won’t get a third

Equestrianism is a deep-rooted part of Sumbawan culture, where children as young as 4 learn to ride the short, stocky horses for which the island is known.

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Plant-based diets can meet the nutritional needs of infants and children, experts say. But they must be well-planned, ideally with guidance from a pediatrician and a dietitian.

“This is clearly child exploitation. The horses move so fast. The boys ride the horses with no proper protection," said the chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection. “This practice should not be tolerated.”


Madrid has become the first major European city to reverse a ban on high-emissions vehicles and allow cars unfettered access to an area that was placed out of bounds for many less than a year ago

Germany has no monument to Adolf Hitler. Italy has none to Benito Mussolini. But Spain has the Valley of the Fallen, a basilica holding the remains of Francisco Franco. Now, a revived plan to exhume the dictator's remains has touched off a furor.

Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan described India's leader, Narenda Modi, as a Hindu supremacist who intends to eradicate Kashmir’s mostly Muslim population and populate the region with Hindus

King Juan Carlos came to Spain's throne with almost no money in 1975. Now the family's wealth is up to $2.3 billion

“Kashmir is silent as a graveyard,” said Vrinda Grover, a human rights lawyer

Imam who masterminded terror attacks in Barcelona once provided information to Spanish secret service

She was a rising star in Brazilian politics. Then she criticized police brutality. Then she was dead.

Iván Duque, a populist conservative, won the presidency of Colombia on Sunday, capping a remarkable political rise. Many who voted for him did not even know his name a year ago. At 41, he will be one of the youngest presidents in the country’s history.

“Spain is creating a situation where Europe’s judges rather than its politicians are being asked to solve Catalonia,” one expert warns

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, who has urged politicians not to go abroad to seek medical care, has traveled to Britain on his fifth official trip to see a doctor there