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The U.S. and the rest of the G7 nations will ban imports of gold from Russia, aiming to undercut a key source of revenue amid its war in Ukraine.

At least 17 people were found dead Sunday morning in a tavern in South Africa, the police said. Initial reports suggested that there had been a stampede inside the club.

The Vatican released thousands of letters from Jewish people begging for help during the Holocaust to "allow the descendants of those who asked for help to find traces of their loved ones from any part of the world," its foreign minister said.

China’s congested and highly regulated capital is not known for either its natural refuges or its rule-bending. But swimming in the city’s lakes and waterways is a cherished, if contested, tradition.

Svitlana Royz, a child psychologist, wrote of Ukrainians’ need to overcome the pervading sense of “helplessness, absence of control and total horror,” saying, “We must learn to live in war.”

The water, a slim current running along Beijing’s often-congested innermost ring road, may not look like an ideal spot for a dip. Vaguely oily-looking algae drifts on its surface. In places, it is a bit pungent. But for those in the know, it’s an oasis.

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Is "mansaf in a cup" a novel way to enjoy Jordan's national dish, or an affront to its hallowed traditions? Controversy over a restaurateur's innovation has roiled the kingdom, pitting those who eat with their hands against those who eat in their cars.

In the Indian island territory of Andaman and Nicobar, police have declared creamy curries, oily paneer and carb-rich dosas Enemy No. 1, and instead have embraced diet discipline and physical fitness in the ranks.


Thai officials imposed an emergency decree in Bangkok, banning gatherings of five or more people. At least three protest leaders were arrested.

Thousands of students are taking part in a youth revolt in Thailand against the powerful military’s influence in schools. “They want us to be like robots,” said one of the students.

Angry young voters gathered in Manila on Tuesday to protest Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son and namesake of the former dictator, who clinched a landslide victory this week in one of the most divisive presidential elections in modern Philippine history.

Nigerian security forces opened fire at demonstrators against police brutality, escalating the crisis that has gripped the country

King Juan Carlos came to Spain's throne with almost no money in 1975. Now the family's wealth is up to $2.3 billion

Burglars stole a fortune stashed in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s farmhouse in South Africa — allegedly millions of dollars. He didn’t tell the police or the public, and in a country rife with corruption, that raises questions.

Statistics show that France has received fewer immigrants than other rich nations in the past decade, and immigrants make up a smaller share of its overall population. But to hear its presidential candidates, immigration is out of control. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, already looking unusually embattled amid an economic crisis and a surge in coronavirus cases, has been hit by a roiling corruption scandal that some say has a fin de siècle aura about it

Accusations of foreign infiltration, police complaints and arrests, and blocking the internet — analysts and critics see a pattern to the Modi government's response to dissenting voices, fearing it pushes India down a dangerous path of intolerance