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Women seeking professional jobs in China often face discrimination in training schools, which often have gender-based quotas favoring men.

South Korea has nurtured a decades-long ambition to join the elite club of nations building rockets capable of placing communications, surveillance and other satellites in orbit.

The British police charged a 25-year-old man with murder in the killing of David Amess, a Conservative Party lawmaker who was stabbed last week. The attack intensified concerns over security for members of Parliament.

Neither fires nor international pressure has pushed Australia away from coal and other fossil fuels, and the country has fallen behind other nations in committing to reducing emissions.

To demonstrate the value of democracy, Mr. Blinken said, governments must embrace longer-term principles like ensuring fair labor standards and giving more people access to education and health care.

A case of mistaken footprints has transformed a fearsome Triassic predator into a meek veggie-eating dinosaur

“Even at the outset we were drip-fed the information,” said a sister of one massacre victim. “Why don’t you just give me the whole thing and I’ll choose what to read and what not to read?”

Australia has fallen behind other developed nations in its commitment to slashing carbon emissions, Damien Cave writes. Neither fires nor international pressure has pushed it away from coal and other fossil fuels.


Thai officials imposed an emergency decree in Bangkok, banning gatherings of five or more people. At least three protest leaders were arrested.

Thousands of students are taking part in a youth revolt in Thailand against the powerful military’s influence in schools. “They want us to be like robots,” said one of the students.

Madrid has become the first major European city to reverse a ban on high-emissions vehicles and allow cars unfettered access to an area that was placed out of bounds for many less than a year ago

Nigerian security forces opened fire at demonstrators against police brutality, escalating the crisis that has gripped the country

King Juan Carlos came to Spain's throne with almost no money in 1975. Now the family's wealth is up to $2.3 billion

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, already looking unusually embattled amid an economic crisis and a surge in coronavirus cases, has been hit by a roiling corruption scandal that some say has a fin de siècle aura about it

Nigerian security forces opened fire Tuesday night at demonstrators against police brutality, escalating the crisis that has gripped the country

Accusations of foreign infiltration, police complaints and arrests, and blocking the internet — analysts and critics see a pattern to the Modi government's response to dissenting voices, fearing it pushes India down a dangerous path of intolerance

Tens of thousands of outraged women in Poland converged in the capital to denounce the high-court's ruling banning abortions. The protests capped a week of the biggest demonstrations in Poland since the fall of communism in 1989.