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India's coronavirus outbreak has exploded over the past two months, with reports of superspreader gatherings and oxygen shortages. On Thursday, India's health ministry reported 312,731 new infections, the most recorded in any country on a single day.

In a state-of-the nation speech, President Vladimir Putin of Russia warned of a “fast and tough” response to security threats, in a message seemingly aimed at President Biden and delivered amid large protests.

High-profile business leaders have been detained, sidelined or silenced as China's Communist Party moves forcefully to keep companies in line. Today, the best strategy is to lie low.

Barely a week after rebels kicked off a battle in Chad, they killed the country's strongman ruler. Their attack was aided by fighting as mercenaries for years, using Libya’s war to prepare for their own campaign, officials say.

There are gaggles of geese, pods of whales and murders of crows. What term would do justice to the special nature of black holes? A mass? A scream? Astronomers need to know.

Until recently the rebels were employed by Khalifa Hifter, a powerful Libyan commander once championed by President Donald J. Trump. They fought with weapons supplied by the United Arab Emirates, one of Mr. Hifter’s main foreign sponsors.

How America's longest war on foreign soil is coming to an end, even as violence escalates in Afghanistan

Czech Republic expels Russian diplomats, citing Moscow's involvement in an ammunition dump explosion.


Thai officials imposed an emergency decree in Bangkok, banning gatherings of five or more people. At least three protest leaders were arrested.

Thousands of students are taking part in a youth revolt in Thailand against the powerful military’s influence in schools. “They want us to be like robots,” said one of the students.

Nigerian security forces opened fire at demonstrators against police brutality, escalating the crisis that has gripped the country

Madrid has become the first major European city to reverse a ban on high-emissions vehicles and allow cars unfettered access to an area that was placed out of bounds for many less than a year ago

King Juan Carlos came to Spain's throne with almost no money in 1975. Now the family's wealth is up to $2.3 billion

Germany has no monument to Adolf Hitler. Italy has none to Benito Mussolini. But Spain has the Valley of the Fallen, a basilica holding the remains of Francisco Franco. Now, a revived plan to exhume the dictator's remains has touched off a furor.

Nigerian security forces opened fire Tuesday night at demonstrators against police brutality, escalating the crisis that has gripped the country

Accusations of foreign infiltration, police complaints and arrests, and blocking the internet — analysts and critics see a pattern to the Modi government's response to dissenting voices, fearing it pushes India down a dangerous path of intolerance

The Feminist Coalition wants equality for Nigerian women, and they are turning their focus to issues like sexual violence, women’s education, financial equality and representation in politics. Meet some of the women behind the group.