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Every country confronting the coronavirus pandemic sees a recession in its future. But after nearly 30 years of economic growth, Australia is struggling to process surging unemployment and declining exuberance.

India’s nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus has left millions of migrant workers without jobs, food or shelter. Many have begun long journeys on foot to get home.

Interviews, leaked documents and media investigations reveal how a system in China that was supposed to protect medical expertise from political tampering broke down when the coronavirus appeared

The Chinese government says the spread of the coronavirus in Xinjiang has been limited, but exiles worry about the safety of indoctrination camps where hundreds of thousands of Uighurs, Kazakhs and other minorities have been held

France's war in the Sahel resembles America's in Iraq and Afghanistan: a fight against a technically much weaker enemy in harsh terrain, with no end in sight.

As the coronavirus brings the world to a halt and citizens demand action, leaders are invoking executive powers and seizing virtually dictatorial powers. But will they ever give them up?

While everyone was unaccustomed to the city in muted mode, some found comfort in it and others pointed out that the city wasn’t technically silent, just sounding different. “You hear the call of nature,” said a violinist, calmed by the city's softer tones.

Mexico's president has delayed stricter coronavirus measures in order to protect the nation's working class. But has the delay ended up putting the working class at greater risk? 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ​"makes us misjudge who is the real chief executive in the U.S.​," North Korea said, accusing him of contradicting President Trump's stance on ties between the two countries


Madrid has become the first major European city to reverse a ban on high-emissions vehicles and allow cars unfettered access to an area that was placed out of bounds for many less than a year ago

Behind the violence in India, Muslims and others point to a firebrand Hindu nationalist politician seeking a comeback

King Juan Carlos came to Spain's throne with almost no money in 1975. Now the family's wealth is up to $2.3 billion

Germany has no monument to Adolf Hitler. Italy has none to Benito Mussolini. But Spain has the Valley of the Fallen, a basilica holding the remains of Francisco Franco. Now, a revived plan to exhume the dictator's remains has touched off a furor.

The World Health Organization confirmed that Covid-19 is deadlier than the seasonal flu, but does not transmit as easily. Read the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak here.

The death of two teenagers who were electrocuted while working at a McDonald's in Peru has opened a debate about whether the country is sacrificing safety for investment and jobs

Imam who masterminded terror attacks in Barcelona once provided information to Spanish secret service

She was a rising star in Brazilian politics. Then she criticized police brutality. Then she was dead.

“This Leonardo DiCaprio is a cool guy, right? Giving money to torch the Amazon,” Jair Bolsonaro said without presenting any evidence