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  3. "trump is a troll," a woman in rwanda said. "he is trolling the world. don’t feed the troll."
"Trump is a troll," a woman in Rwanda said. "He is trolling the world. Don’t feed the troll." https://t.co/dk9aZqhnPd


“I’d no sooner bring Donald Trump and the RNC to Charlotte, to the home that I chose and love, where my wife and I are raising our black son, any sooner than I would support a Klan rally in this city,” said one Democratic City Council member https://t.co/JANqzwlZ18
Woman raising money hoping to bring 'Baby Trump' blimp to the White House https://t.co/qZN2OyHr2g
#TimesUp on violence against women! We stand with activists committed to a safer, more just world & the millions behind them who have said enough is enough: https://t.co/gY647RkMy1#TimeIsNow
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"I trust our intelligence community’s assessment on Russian interference, not Vladimir Putin’s. He is no friend of the United States and I don’t trust him,” said @DeanHeller, R-Nev., in a statement
Colbert hilariously mocks Trump's switcheroo: 'And on that bus I said respect her by the p*ssy' https://t.co/sG5lHoBE9w
We don't know everything about the Trump campaign's relationship with Russia.

But what we do know is pretty damning.

New from @ezraklein:
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Madiba’s focus on human rights remains key lesson: Obama

Former US president Barack Obama has said in his Nelson Mandela Lecture that Madiba’s focus on human rights remains a key lesson for the world.

#MandelaLecture #MandelaObama #NMAL2018 #Mandela100

Perhaps the only true thing Trump ever said was that he could shoot someone and his supporters wouldn't care
Woman raising money to help bring 'Baby Trump' blimp to the White House https://t.co/QRtFRZAUr8 #TheFinal5 #5at630 #fox5dc
A Dutch company that presented the world's first lab-grown beef burger five years ago said Tuesday it has received funding to pursue its plans to make and sell artificially grown meat to restaurants from 2021.
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