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  3. "trump is a troll," a woman in rwanda said. "he is trolling the world. don’t feed the troll."
"Trump is a troll," a woman in Rwanda said. "He is trolling the world. Don’t feed the troll." https://t.co/dk9aZqhnPd


Rubin, who published a break-up letter to the GOP in May 2016 after Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination, says it’s the party that left her: “I don’t think I have changed at all.” https://t.co/pLIttIckkG
The woman Donald Trump called a 'third rate reporter' is a Pulitzer Prize winner https://t.co/kJqzyiMhf3
Trump praised Kim Jong Un’s suspension of North Korean nuclear tests, calling it “very good news for North Korea and the World.” https://t.co/XNiGRColm6
'Our job is not to be the resistance, taking the President down or moving the needle of public opinion', says @BumillerNYT. 'I don't think many of Trump's supporters are reading East Coast media' #CJSAlumniWknd18
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#FarewellToBarbara Today, the world celebrates Barbara Bush, a woman of great faith and love for her family. #TheEnforcer #PearlsForBarbara #BarbaraBush

LIVE | KHOU 11 - https://t.co/zlTyanMuFW
LIVE | Inside Church - https://t.co/VKqjSfeEoQ
YouTube - https://t.co/HFuMwgxF22
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'I don't think the tweets of the next President will be like Trump's. The institutions are responding to this presidency. We'll see a reaction in the next election', says @BumillerNYT. 'The polarization will take more time to go away', says @KimberlyEAtkins #CJSAlumniWknd18
THIS 👆🏼 rocked my world. THIS is the secret to happiness, don’t you think? 💛Thank you to Doug,… https://t.co/n9mBONRqSy
On #AJNewsGrid: Trump calls North Korea’s decision to halt its nuclear and long-range missile tests ‘very good news for the world’ - but with Pyongyang saying nothing about its already accumulated military arsenal, is such praise well-deserved? Share 👇 https://t.co/nk1Dp14XLK
"They wanted somebody on campus," Moro said. "It's not the way I wished to end my career. I feel bad for the kids. I don't feel bad for me." https://t.co/oVwW4Z2m3i via @azcentral
“If Democrats control either the House or the Senate, Trump’s agenda is dead,” Mr. Sanders said during a conversation with New York Times reporters and editors." https://t.co/EQTZq5XPIc
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