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  3. the risk is clear: antarctica’s collapse could threaten coastal cities around the world
The risk is clear: Antarctica’s collapse could threaten coastal cities around the world https://t.co/Oc3PRv0ksm


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China considers adopting something that could drastically reshape the world’s second-largest economy: a property tax. https://t.co/Ekejpx0CwI
"South Sudan is @UNICEF's 4th-largest emergency situation in the world.

And I wish that I could tell you that the situation in #SouthSudan was getting better, but I cannot.

It is getting worse."

-- @unicefchief Henrietta Fore speaking to the press @UNGeneva today.
6:40am CST #SPC Day1 Outlook Marginal Risk: over parts of the tidewater and coastal mid-atlantic regions https://t.co/GtEvHPMjG6
Yesterday the PM had interaction with 64 CEOs from around the world, 40 of them from other countries & 24 from India. Total market capitalisation of these companies is $3.6 trillion. It was an important interaction. 15 CEOs shared their thoughts: Ramesh Abhishek, DIPP Secy #Davos
In Part Three of the show: Cape Town, South Africa could run out of fresh water as soon as this April - making it the first major city in the world to do so.

The Current looks into what's behind the water crisis and how other cities around the world can avoid the same fate.
Donald Trump's move to target on what he sees as unfair competition to U.S. firms is reverberating around the world https://t.co/ZNX3fpsUpt
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People around the world pick these CEOs over @realDonaldTrump: https://t.co/FwvNzIr9dr #BestCountries
As Facebook changes the News Feed, some advertisers are wondering how the shifts could play into the company's longer-term ambitions around video advertising https://t.co/z9LZybuUdn
Gr8 Inspiration: Former St. Pete motorcycle racer helps visually impaired around the world https://t.co/a0uACUdn1O
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