Recognize any of these people? From Facebook? Twitter? These images are not real — they’re from the mind of a computer, and they’re infiltrating the internet. We set up our own AI system to understand how this technology works.

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The marathon #ArizonaHearing  on 2020 election fraud and voting irregularities has concluded. On to MICHIGAN.

Native Americans are sharing videos of history lessons, facts, traditional dresses, and more in honor of #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth .

John Travolta took to social media to thank fans for their support over Thanksgiving, Travolta’s first since the loss of his wife Kelly Preston to breast cancer.

President-elect Joe Biden named several women to his top economic-policy team, including former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen who if confirmed will be the first-ever woman Treasury secretary

Shehla formed this party when she went to US. All their funds coming from anti-national forces. No national party will fund them. Along with asking for security for myself, I've asked DG sir to investigate into their fund sources: Abdul R Shohra, father of Shehla Rashid (30.11)

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"Perdue, Trump and Loeffler — they expected that the apparatus of voter suppression that's been built in Georgia would keep the lid on the pot," Jon Ossoff says discussing US Senate runoff. "They felt entitled to re-election in a walk, but the will of the people boiled over."

DoorDash's made $1.92 billion in the nine months through Sept., compared with $587 million for the same period last year. The workers who deliver the food sometimes make less than $40 a day. And they get their bikes stolen. @kimidefreytas  has the report.

@NBCJoshua : A trip to the hospital reminded me why I want to avoid getting Covid-19

WHOA-BOT: A city in Japan has unveiled a 60-foot-high 'Gundam' robot, which it hopes will boost tourism.

Asian factories continue recovery from COVID-19 woes as China booms

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