Teenage Tiktok / K-Pop / President

Teenage TikTok users and K-pop fans claimed to have registered potentially hundreds of thousands of tickets for President Trump's campaign rally as a prank to ruin the event.

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Teenage Tiktok / K-Pop / President

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"The information that I heard in this classified setting, where we're sworn to secrecy, is absolutely chilling, startling, and shocking," Sen. Blumenthal says about intel reports on threats to US elections. "The American people need and deserve to know."

Six French citizens and their local guide and driver were killed Sunday by gunmen riding motorcycles in an area of southwestern Niger home to the last West African giraffes, officials said

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HAVE YOU SEEN HER? LAPD seeking public's help finding missing 7-year-old Ruby Alvarado, last seen Saturday morning

"He doesn't really understand much beyond his talking points," political scientist Christina Greer says about President Trump's recent news conferences. "He fundamentally doesn't understand the difference between a bill, an executive order or memo."

A national poll of teachers finds overwhelming trepidation about returning to the physical classroom: • 82% are concerned about returning to in-person teaching • two-thirds prefer to teach primarily remote • 77% are worried about risking their health

He said he would fix everything. 165,000 are dead. He called himself a dealmaker. His refusal to negotiate with Congress is causing more delays and confusion. #LoserDonald  #TrumpFailedAmerica 

“Chil­dren more vul­ner­a­ble to Covid-19 than once be­lieved, with new re­search sug­gest­ing that they are able to contract and spread the virus, es­pe­cially if they don’t take pre­cau­tions such as wearing a mask.” ~ @WSJ ⁩

Wild video of ongoing clashes in Belarus between protesters and riot police.