A lawsuit involving online erotica raises a new question: can tropes from a fan-generated genre like the Omegaverse be copyrighted? @xanalter  reports on a strange intellectual property dispute.

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Trump economic task force member once called minimum wage law the ‘Black Teenage Unemployment Act’

Trump preparing to question legitimacy of results if he loses 2020 election: Michigan lieutenant governor

Trump is promoting a baseless conspiracy theory about a dead woman — and the woman’s widower is begging Twitter to remove the tweets

Pres. Trump threatens to "close" down social media platforms after Twitter fact checks claims on mail-in voting fraud.

The president can’t unilaterally regulate or close the companies, which would require action by Congress or the Federal Communications Commission. But that didn’t stop Trump from angrily issuing a strong warning.

Trump asks if he should be using insulin – a drug that's fatal for non-diabetics

My mind is still reeling from the idea that someone thinks traveling to another country and seeking to convert those people to your religion is philanthropy. The quiet part said aloud.

A CNBC segment on the stock market exploded this morning as Andrew Ross Sorkin accused Joe Kernen of being in the tank for Trump. "100,000 people died, Joe! And all you did was try to help your friend the president!"

Must read piece on the absence of any package for J&K and Ladakh — With One Lockdown After Another, J&K’s Economy is Shuttered and Shattered via @thewire_in 

We put together some of the stories of women who inspire us every day and help us stay strong in the face of #COVID19 . Check it out: #WednesdayWisdom 

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