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One Texas doctor who wore a mask in a hallway after treating a man in respiratory distress was suspended and got this text from his boss: “UR WEARING IT DOWN A PUBLIC HALL. THERES NO MORE WUHAN VIRUS IN THE HALLS AT THE HOSPITAL THAN WALMART. MAYBE LESS.”

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Protestors climbed atop the @CNN  sign outside the network's HQ in Atlanta, CNN Center, and spray painted messages on the sign. Live pictures from WGCL:

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1/2 America has been conditioned to fear black people since slavery. A black man, uncomfortably getting out of his car, questioning why he’s being arrested is now perceived as life-threatening. You can’t stop police brutality without stopping the dehumanization of black people

2/2 I have seen it in wars overseas. When you dehumanize people and cultures, you preemptively ingrain and justify any action, no matter how brutal, against them because they are always perceived negatively. The US has to stop depriving black people positive human qualities

‘F*ck this music. It sucks. You’re in America.’ — This Trump supporter berated a Latinx family for playing music while barbecuing in a park

The coronavirus began quietly spreading in the U.S. as early as late January, the CDC says.

Whole Foods has fired an employee who kept track of workers who had contracted the new coronavirus

The protest then headed to in front of the White House. A protester was taken by the USSS in front of Pennsylvania Ave into an adjacent federal building. Unclear what he did.A couple men then splintered off from the group and spray painted “F*ck Trump” on the building. @CBSNews 

‘You Chinese virus spreader’: after coronavirus, Australia has an anti-Asian racism outbreak to deal with

‘We all saw it live’: Minnesota State Police busted for lying about CNN reporter’s arrest #Minneapolis 

JUST IN: A partygoer at that controversial Lake of the Ozarks pool party has tested positive for COVID-19, potentially exposing hundreds.