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One Texas doctor who wore a mask in a hallway after treating a man in respiratory distress was suspended and got this text from his boss: “UR WEARING IT DOWN A PUBLIC HALL. THERES NO MORE WUHAN VIRUS IN THE HALLS AT THE HOSPITAL THAN WALMART. MAYBE LESS.”

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Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump

Hey guys please retweet this if you’d like to see me & @tomSegura  have a one armed/one legged boxing match!!!

A Texas real estate agent who took a private jet to the Capitol riot, calling it the best day of her life, is facing federal charges.

The most exciting part of @JoeBiden 's "America Rescue Plan" may be one that gets little attention: It's the most serious effort to reduce child poverty in at least 50 years. It would cut America's disgraceful levels of child poverty by half. My column:

FLASHBACK: Pelosi told police to stand down when an angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol and occupied her office. The mob was led by @Ocasio2018  in 2018.

Kamala Harris: “For all the little girls and boys out there who dream of growing up to be a super hero, super heroes aren’t just about our imagination, they are walking among us. They are teachers, and doctors and scientists… and you can grow up to be like them too”

John Sullivan released conditionally without bail by Utah federal judge

@RichardGrenell  tells @JosephPinion  "the Donald Trump Middle East policy has been wildly successful, we also know that the border policies have been very successful."

BREAKING: Man arrested after trying to go through D.C. police checkpoint with fake inaugural credentials while in possession of a loaded gun and 500 rounds of ammunition - CNN

#Loews announces it no longer wants the business of Conservative Americans. Duly noted.