Barbara / Desperate / War / Orleans

“I would be very happy darling if you were my wife,” the service member wrote. “This is an anniversary proposal, Barbara. Please say yes!” Desperate pleas of love are captured in thousands of love letters at a World War II museum in New Orleans.

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Barbara / Desperate / War / Orleans

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[Breaking] South Korea orders people with fever, respiratory symptoms to stop going to schools, companies: KCDC

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Senator Elizabeth Warren released a plan on Sunday to create a cannabis industry whose economic benefits go largely to the communities most affected by the so-called war on drugs

whistleblower Philip Haney found dead of single self inflicted gunshot. THIS IS A LIE. I KNOW HIM - THERE IS - N O. W A Y - HE KILLED HIMSELF. I WILL BELIEVE EPSTEIN WAS KILLED BY A TEAM OF CUTOUT PAPER DOLLS BEFORE THIS. Tomorrow Radio#blazetv 

President Trump: “I don't care who I run against, I just hope they treat [Bernie Sanders] fairly. I hope it's not going to be a rigged deal... I congratulate Bernie Sanders."

Millions of Chinese firms face collapse If banks don’t act fast

ABS-CBN has been regularly paying its taxes to the government, the BIR said during the Senate hearing on the company's compliance with its franchise. The company paid P14,398,464,316.66 for 2016-2019, except for the income tax of 2019 set to be filed this year. #ABSCBNfranchise 

New coronavirus outbreaks are continuing to expand in South Korea and Italy, raising fears of a global pandemic. Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that the novel virus is the worst public health crisis facing the country since its founding.

Dublin, CA Columbus, IN Pascagoula, MS Dallas, TX Tulsa, OK Pittsburgh, PA Pierce County, WA Danville, IL Warren, MI Cape Coral, FL Brown County, TX Detroit, MI These are a few places where Americans defended themselves with guns last month and OF COURSE the media stayed silent.

An 8-year-old boy who spent 1,553 days, nearly half his life, in foster care was adopted Monday in a ceremony that featured a crowd of 300 people, a high school drill team and even Batman!