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Here's a roundup of the highlights worth watching from late-night TV

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In the first hour of the #DemDebate , Bernie Sanders clocked nearly 9 minutes of speaking time. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren spoke for about 8.5 minutes each.

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Warren rightly says that fighting anti-climate change lobby is an anti-corruption issue

Bloomberg was booed at the #DemDebate  during a discussion about NDAs for his former employees. @Lynda_Tran  said she's surprised he hadn't prepared a stronger response: "I have no doubt that that is going to be the clip that is replayed time and again"

Meanwhile, at the Trump rally, President Trump surprised that disabled WWII veteran and the two men who carried him to his seat with signed hats

On Day Two, we’re all going to need to take a vacation day

Elizabeth Warren is absolutely right on this: We can’t get anything done unless we get rid of the filibuster. It is absolutely insane that our government is not falling over itself coming up with climate crisis solutions. We deserve better.

Seriously tho - calling a woman “mean” for passionately debating is some tired ass 1970s sexism. Catch up

FACT CHECK: Bloomberg championed the expansion of stop-and-frisk during his administration. The practice was scaled back significantly thanks to a 2013 court order the same year declaring the policy unconstitutional, not Bloomberg’s change of heart.

Warren’s strategy on Klobuchar seems to be defending her from what she sees as unfair attacks but consistently critiquing her on policy. (Some data showing Klobuchar took white college women from her in NH.)

"This is not right." Elizabeth Warren came to the defense of Amy Klobuchar tonight after the Minnesota senator was pressed about forgetting the name of Mexico's president last week. #DemDebate