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Latest Scoops

The Senate is heading toward a showdown vote on Friday on legislation to keep the government open past midnight, and Democrats appear ready to block it https://t.co/8CTKGhe5s6
Opinion: Here's another fine mess they've gotten us into https://t.co/jIV0vM2qWA
Jacinda Ardern said she was "not the first woman to multitask" https://t.co/hNzsOAU4Lo
Senator Richard Durbin discusses how President Trump’s racially charged comments led to a showdown over keeping the government open https://t.co/xvHnKIMRzJ
President Trump was convinced by a string of allies and friends that his chief of staff, John Kelly, had undermined him. By Thursday morning, the president was riled up. https://t.co/2a6ccIOBVR
Morning Briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day https://t.co/hoaQ24iCDL
North Korea has increasingly turned to illegal clandestine shipments to acquire the fuel it needs https://t.co/y4t0Y6QM5J
The California parents accused of holding captive their 13 children were charged with torture and abuse. They could face a life sentence. https://t.co/t74gSXFyLQ
Mass arrests in Italy provided a glimpse into the extensive economic tentacles of Chinese gangsters in Europe https://t.co/m7T6lLVBa4
The journalist who started #BalanceTonPorc, France’s equivalent of the #MeToo campaign, is being sued for defamation https://t.co/kltxMFTkex
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