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Is there still time for you to register to vote? Check our list for voter registration deadlines in your state. https://t.co/5KDD30AGkG
Russian President Putin has shown a keen interest in Greece's ancient monastic outpost at Mount Athos. And that has Greece worried. https://t.co/LrV0tUMrpV
.@andylocal signed up to count squirrels in Central Park. It was not as easy as you might think. https://t.co/jeOyGnxQEl
Airlines are experimenting with everything from healthy menus to onboard gyms to make almost 20 hours in the air more bearable https://t.co/lxEFBuqlVK
Here's why claims that Democrats or George Soros are funding a caravan of migrants from Honduras are false https://t.co/IyCDyG23Ts
Saudi Arabia's story about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi has been contradictory, muddled and drawn out. Here's how the Saudis' claims have shifted. https://t.co/JvIRkHqPkj
Conservatives say Facebook and YouTube are hostile to their views. So groups like the NRA and pro-Trump PAC Great America created their own apps that deliver curated partisan messages. https://t.co/eJStfZSgLu
Many made-for-TV horror movies are hard to find today, but a handful of greats are streaming. These are the 10 we like best. https://t.co/Sgzh7ylxkP
"I will not fail you," Mexico’s president elect tells supporters. But faced with a tough reality, he's already tempering his campaign commitments — and he hasn't even taken office. https://t.co/M3COGA3p9m
Saudi Arabia silences dissent online by swarming critics like Jamal Khashoggi with trolls. It also appeared to groom a Twitter insider to spy. https://t.co/3Z3BjBSsp4
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